When a mum was home alone, meals i ate when i was home alone

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I have not been in this situation for a very…….very……. long time. I used to be home alone when i was a kid, when both my parents were at work and my younger brother was at school. We had different school sessions.

My feelings being home alone when i was a kid was a terrible one. The feeling of ghosts existence in the house was unavoidable.

Last week, my kids were away for a few days and my husband came back very late. Ok, I was home alone for a few hours during night time. But still……

Suddenly, the feeling of loneliness surrounded my physical and mental well-being. Suddenly, my world was too quiet…. and a little peaceful…… or was it too peaceful?

So i sat and think what to do next. I sat still like a statue for a few moments. Doing nothing was the best choice and of course, relaxing.

It was a crazy…… crazy….. feeling. I was like…… wowww, finally. Be careful what you wish for, mums!!!

The tv was on. To my relief, there was no horror movies while i was switching the astro channels. Otherwise, usually, my mind will definitely get caught up with unwanted fears, imaginations and the feelings of bad energy around me. Good thing i already watch annabelle on previous week.

Another good thing was, i don’t have to prepare any meals or even eat. I thought i just let my stomach go hungry. Unfortunately, my stomach started to growl continuously.

So i better eat something.

I prepared a chicken soup noodles the day before when the kids were still at home.  And luckily, there were little leftovers in the fridge. Enough to satisfy my stomach that night.



The chicken soup gravy and the cooked noodles were kept separately. I just combined both in a pot and heat them up. Good thing, i can clear up my fridge as well!!

So there i was, home alone, eating yesterday’s chicken noodle soup while watching a not so mind disturbing alien movie.

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