Up-close with animals at the mini zoo, kl tower

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The whole family went to KL Tower’s Atmosphere 360 for lunch during the new year’s holiday. In addition, i wanted to take my kids to the mini aquarium as well. However, at the ticket counter, the sales person insisted that we should go to the mini zoo instead.

In fact, he was quite reluctant to sell to me the aquarium tickets and stressed out that the mini aquarium is more suitable for very little kids. Alright, finally i agreed.

So, after enjoying our lunch and the views at the open deck and also at the observation deck, we headed down to the mini zoo.

minizooKLTKL Tower mini zoo

To be honest, i was not expecting so much of excitement at the zoo since it is called ‘mini’ and i was expecting very few animals just trapped inside there. I was more into aquarium. However, we were wrong!!!

You know what, there were snakes and two large pythons inside the mini zoo as well. I did not expect they keep two large pythons in this place at all!!!

At the entrance, we were greeted by parrots and i had no idea what would be inside. It was during the afternoon and i noticed there were very few visitors inside the zoo. So, it was easy for us to move around and there was no need to take turns to touch, cuddle or take photos with the animals unlike in other big zoo(s).

The animals were so tame. My kids had no trouble cuddling the parrots and the rabbits.

Inside, there were a few more parrots.

parrotKLTa parrot in mini zoo kl tower

These are a few animals that i managed to snap their photos.

eyesKLTfrogKLTmeercats and frogs

There were not many people inside the mini zoo so we had lots of space to move around.

Look at these creatures……


squirrel monkeys


crowKLTalbino crow

That is not a statue.

Next, there were rabbits.

rabit1KLTwhat a cute pose!

rabit2KLT more rabbits at mini zoo kl tower

Another interesting animal……

ayamKLTchicken serama

The rabbits and the chicken were let loose inside the indoor area. It seemed they don’t really care about visitors walking around and i am sure they are already used to it. The staff actually encouraged visitors to touch, hug, cuddle and feed some of the animals in the zoo.

This animal was trying to play with me. There were many more inside the cage.

tupai1KLT tupai2KLT 

ground squirrel

Those animals above were kept indoors. We thought, that’s it. However, at the exit door, there were snakes. One of the zoo staff was feeding the snakes with chicken eggs. For your info, i don’t like to take photos of snakes. I have phobias. We had to passed by the snake cages to go to the outdoor area. Arrgghh…..

More animals…..


The emu, the chickens and the goat are placed together inside the same compound which looked like your grandmother’s backyard. Not further from those animals, there were small horses too.


You can spend around 45 minutes in this mini zoo, especially if you or your kids never touch and feed the animals. 

Just opposite this backyard, I was shocked to see two large pythons. One was yellow and the other was normal. Of course i was not interested to take photos of those animals and thank fully they were not moving around.

Moving on, there were many birds in this cage. We had to passed by this cage to exit.


My daughter and HM fed, cuddled and took photos with the birds.

Lastly, the fishes and the fish pond.

fishpondKLTlongkang fish

After exiting from the mini zoo, we saw a souvenir shop. I bought a t-shirt.

cafezooKLTsouvenir shop area

It was a satisfactory experience for the whole family to visit the mini zoo. The staff were friendly as well.

In conclusion, there were many animals in this mini zoo. I did not take photos for all of the animals. We definitely had no regrets visiting this zoo. It is worth the ticket price. I highly recommend parents and kindergartens to take their kids to this mini zoo. We had so much fun at this mini zoo, kl tower.

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