Till the last drops and pieces, minimizing house chores

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I need to have a proper time-table and a list of household chores which need to be completed if i decided to resume getting a part-time helper or cleaner. This way, there is no need to remind them 1,000 times of what they need to do. As of now, i am happy washing the dishes and do the laundry by myself. However, i do need help on cleaning the floors and other areas.

What i like now is that, my grown up children have also started doing their own laundry and ironing their own clothes. LOOKS LIKE I AM GAINING BACK MY PERSONAL TIME SLOWLY.

Below are two tricks that i want to share with you on house cleaning. Please don’t think i am a clean freak or my house is super clean. I still have a lot of home organising to do. My point is, if you have to be in charge or get stuck with many life issues, the best thing to do is to be organise and minimise the clutters in your living space. So life will be less miserable.

The cleaning tips i am sharing here are the on-going scenarios. It took me forever to get to the idea of cleaning a house little by little.

I used to focus on taking care of my kids and never bother to find extra money. Now the kids have started to be independent and you know what, at certain point of their age, you MUST let your kids to be independent. At least you must let them clean their own rooms.

So now, i am trying to spend more time on the computer and spend less time complaining about household chores. Otherwise, there is something wrong with me.

I noticed, the very rich people houses’ shown on tv or magazines looked so neat and tidy. Some with very minimal furnitures. I am sure they have cleaners to maintain their houses, but the tasks must have been properly and systematically delegated. That is why they are rich and smart and have more time to find money. 

These are TWO useful tips which i have been adapting so far.


This is how i do it. For example, today i clean one area of the bathroom, maybe just the floor. Tomorrow i will vacuum just the living room. The following day, i might not do cleaning at all except to settle the laundry. Just keep in mind, the ideal timing for each cleaning session should not exceed 30 minutes. This way i can hop between other important tasks such as cooking and working.

So, i don’t procrastinate and i don’t have to remind myself about when will be the next cleaning session. If you do house cleaning for one whole day, the areas that you clean today will be dirty again two days later.

By doing this, you know at least something and somewhere in the house is clean rather than you realised that the house is dirty everywhere.

Another important issue is, don’t accumulate the dirty dishes or laundry. If this scenario is on-going and to avoid stress, you can start by washing them batches per batches instead of wasting half of your day everyday attending to that chores. These tasks should not exceed 30 minutes as well.

Right now, while i am on the computer, i also juggle between washing the dishes and some organising.


This tip is about not to waste the body cleaning products such as shampoo and remnants of the bar soaps. Actually, i am quite flexible when using body cleaners. Sometimes i use those creamy bath soaps, sometimes just the bar soaps for the purpose of saving money.

The problem when using the bar soap is that, there will be small pieces left when the soap is almost finish. It is such a waste to throw them away. Worst if you buy the expensive bar soaps.

This idea of using them as a cleaning agent happened by accident.

One day, i wanted to clean the bathroom floor as it was very slippery due to the little pieces of the bar soaps that fall apart and laying around the bathroom floor.

So i took the bathroom brush and started scrubbing the floor and i accidentally pressed the bar soap remnants. There were bubbles everywhere on the floor. So i continued scrubbing until the remnants dissolved. I did not use the floor detergent at that time.

Turned out, the floor was cleaned.

From that situation, i also make use of the leftovers shampoo which i spilled on the floor and then started scrubbing them as well.

So, don’t throw away those unwanted or leftovers shampoo. Use the same excuse if you buy the wrong type of shampoo.



So as of now, it is too important for me to minimise, organise and love my own life.

One area which i need to look into badly are my flowers in the flower pots. Previously, i gave them frequent attentions. But now, i need to spend more time on the computer.

I really like this idea……


I saw this plant decoration in hotel lobbies and also at people houses. It feels so peaceful just by staring at them. I can’t wait to have this deco idea in my house!!!

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