The leftovers pasta bowties, simple creamy pasta with shrimps

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I cooked a fusion meal the other day. A local cuisine, laksam and instead of making its original noodles, I used cooked pasta bowties to be eaten with the laksam gravy. I wasn’t very sure on how much of the pasta bowties i should cooked. So there was some leftovers.

It looked like i could make another set of meal out of it. Hmmm ……… i was thinking “what should i cook?” I hardly cook a proper western meal before. I thought why not i try out a western dish this time around. I have been ‘studying’ several creamy pasta recipes nowadays.

Actually, I don’t mind sharing this simple meal recipe’s with the readers as it turned out to be a success (*grinning*).

For your info, what i can say is, i am not an ‘eater’, and it is more like “i don’t really eat anything so much”. Hence, when it comes to cooking, i haven’t discover on how good or bad my cooking skills are. Therefore, anytime when i cook, even for the simplest meal and it turned out to be tasty, i consider that as a huge improvement.


(for 1-2 people)

♦cooked and drained pasta
♦olive oil
♦cooking cream
♦shrimps (peeled skin)
♦garlic (minced)
♦bird’s-eye chilies or red chilies (minced)
♦white pepper

COOKING METHOD: ( i don’t expect it turned out to be so easy. Huuhuu…)

1. Pour a little bit of olive oil on to a heated pan.

2. Saute the minced garlic and chilies.

3. Add in the shrimps.

4. When the shrimps are halfway cooked, add in the pasta.

5. Immediately, pour in the cooking cream and stir everything gently.

6. Put in the white pepper and salt, according to your taste preference.

*During the final touch, I put in just a little bit of water since the meal was quite thick for me. 
*I did not buy grated cheese and dill herbs. Nevertheless, the taste is good. (My earlier intentions)


♥ ♥ ♥


It’s ready………



creamy pasta bowties with shrimps

It turned out my kid really love the taste too. Meaning, next time i can cook this meal again. Many times me and family would go out and eat western food at the restaurants. Eating out nowadays really short-lived my food budget as my kids are growing up.

It’s time to change and upgrade my cooking routines.

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