The haze and the shopping in Kuala Lumpur

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It was a sunny day in the afternoon at some parts of KL on Malaysia Day. I realised the sun was shining brightly outside my house. The haze seemed quite little during those hours. Regardless of the weather conditions, the day before, me and family have decided to go out on that public holiday. Life needs to go on.

We went to watched a movie, maze runner: the scorch trials for the second time, as requested by my youngest daughter. This time, we went to GSC Quill City Mall at Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL. I am beginning to like this new shopping mall.

Based on the weather situation on that day, it looked like schools should be reopen on the next day. On the way home around 6pm, the weather seems ok.

The next morning, it was raining during the early morning hours.

However, i had this psychic feeling….. LOL, that the weather won’t be as good as expected despite the moderate rainfall.

Guess what, that feeling was true. The haze was back and it looked worst than the previous days. However, the rain continued to poured just a little bit, on and off throughout the day.

Enough about the haze already. It really spoils peoples mood. When will the sun ever be back like normal …….


KLCC about 2 km away

This photo was taken last weekend. My husband and the children had their own agendas. So i was a free women for a few hours. I had a few options to do:

(a) go to IKEA to get ideas for my kitchen workstation,

(b) watch a horror movie by myself at TGV KLCC or

(c) do errands which are stocking up my skincare and body products AND do groceries shopping.

So which one do you think i chose???





I chose……….. (c)

Why?? I could use an hour to go browsing inside sephora. Usually, I barely got enough time to browse every time i want to see different products in that shop.

Another reason was, i could use my isetan vouchers to get some groceries.

I was not interested to move around up and down the mall. So the time i had was just nice for me to walked around on the same floor. I need to save energy too, you know. Being a mom and a wife, you really need to have spare energy. Haa…. haa…..

So, before going to the supermarket, i managed to spend almost an hour at sephora. I kept reminding myself not to buy things at random in the supermarket to avoid carrying many plastic bags at the end of the shopping trips. So at the end, i had to carry only 2 supermarket plastic bags plus the sephora bag.

I bought these items at sephora:

sephorafacial wash, mud mask, shampoo, lipstick and body scrub

Actually, i do like to change products once they are finished. Anyway, you do need to switch to other products as your age is rising.

My main motive that day was to get a new facial wash product. Since that day i don’t have to rush my time, i managed to compare different products and prices. Woww……… most of them are expensive.

Since i did not want to spend so much on certain products, i thought why not i buy the shop’s products’ first and try them out.

As of today, i already used almost all of the products except for the mud mask. I still have a few face masks of the shop’s brand to clear. The shampoo smells really good and makes my hair smells good as well.

Am i happy with the products?? Of course, i am. Partly, since i spend some money there. LOL……


Let’s talk groceries. I bought some organic vegetables and organic bananas. The small size organic bananas looked good in their plastic packets. The price was ok. I was reluctant to buy at first, because they looked good to be true.

I bought one packet anyway. Brought home, i rinsed first before i displayed them on the dining table. I ate them at a later time and yes, the bananas were good. I might buy again next time.

What else did i buy………. I bought 2 lemons and a bottle of honey. Can you figure out what will i be making with these two??

However, i had no intentions to buy meat, poultry or seafood that day. I usually buy these items at supermarkets near my house. Don’t forget, the prices for vegetables, meat, poultries and seafood are supposedly regulated. So no worries even if you want to shop at these types of supermarkets. Despite my free vouchers, i tried to avoid myself from getting something i don’t need.

♥ ♥ ♥

My one happy shopping trip…………

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