Sweet and sour strawberries

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I seldom buy strawberries.  Main reason, i usually end up buying the sour or too sour types.  How am i suppose to know whether the strawberries are sweet or sour.  They look the same to me.  I don’t like sour strawberries.  Even if i eat them with chocolate ice-cream, i don’t feel good pleasure.  I can still taste lots of sourness of the fruits.

Actually, when buying these fruits, i never really care from where the strawberries are actually originated.  As long as they look good inside the plastic containers and not too expensive, i would purchase them.  However, most of the time the strawberries taste sour.

Then one day, i went to the Giant supermarket, and as usual, i saw those packed strawberries.  Only that time, i noticed the labels on the containers clearly written, korean strawberries.

Okay…….. whatever……..  I can’t remember whether i was craving for strawberries that day or i was attracted to the fruits’ more reasonably price.  So i bought a few packs.  I wonder why i had the feelings that the fruits will taste sweet when i eat them.


(Yes!!! they taste sweet)


Brought home, froze them immediately.  I know strawberries can be frozen.  I do this all the time now after i had this one very bad incident……..


At one time, i bought a few packs of strawberries.  We ate some and the leftovers i left them in the non-freezing area. Guess what, i notice after 2 days, i saw spots of whites on the fruits and yet, i did not care.

Only after i saw the molds were developing, i started to took action.  Blame on my laziness.  I had to throw many strawberries and of course, wasted some money.

Since then, i will freeze my strawberries immediately every time after i purchase them.


Okay…….. now let’s enjoy the fruits of love……..



As for the bananas, there is no need for me to keep them inside the refrigerator, even at the non-freezing area.  I usually leave the bananas on the table.  They will quickly disappear.



Enjoy the fruits of love and enjoy your weekend…….. ♥ ♥ ♥

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