Spinach and sweet potatoes in plain soup

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Hi, this post is about a veggie meal. It is actually a super simple and common meal when i was a kid. In malay language it is called bayam dan keledek masak air.

Despite its super easy and simple method to cook, i can’t remember when was the last time i cook this meal. Maybe centuries ago.

It’s ok to resumed cooking this meal as my kids are growing up. Now it is a good time to introduce this type of meal to them. Just in case i am busy or not around, they can cook this meal by themselves.

To be honest, i am not crazy about everything organic. Most of the time, when i need to buy veggies, i mix buying the organic and non-organic. Anyhow, it is always the best if you can plant what you need at home.

Many weeks ago, i bought a small cut portion of a white cabbage, and guess what’s inside……..

There were 3 good size, dark coloured worms!!! 2 were circulating and the other one looked dead or asleep, i am not sure. Before they started to jump on me (that’s what i felt), in split seconds, i cover the veggie with something. Then i think i slashed the moving worms. (Yes, i remember now i did that). It took me some time to clear that memory.

I’m sorry…….. if you are eating right now.

Well, to many people, this could be a common scenario. However, seriously, i hardly got myself confronted with this kind of situation.


Let’s go back to the cooking.

I actually had no intention to put this recipe in the blog as it was too simple. This is for my record. I only took pictures from the pot. So, no food plating for the veggies.



(for 1-2 people)

♦sweet potatoes (wash and cut into small desired pieces) and cook in boiled water until tender
♦spinach (wash and roughly chopped)
♦yellow onions (sliced)
♦garlic (mince as desired)
♦cooking oil (optional)

*I did not put any salt*

Cooking method:
(It is up to you if you want to sauté the garlics and onions first OR you can just boil water first in a pot and simply put in all the ingredients in their orders.

1. During this particular cooking session, i put in a little bit of cooking oil in the pot. Then i quickly add in garlics and yellow onions to be sautéed about a minute.

2. Add in water. 1-2 cups are enough, depending on the veggies quantities.

3. When the water is boiled, add in the spinach first, then later add in the already cooked sweet potatoes.

4. Mix them slowly together.

4. After 1-2 minutes, you can turn off the heat.

Easy, right??


Another method: Boil water in a pot, add in garlics and onions, add in spinach, lastly add in the sweet potatoes. Mixed slowly. Wait till 2-3 minutes. Then turn off the heat.



spinach and sweet potatoes in plain soup

This meal is best eaten with non-gravy or dry meals.


Happy cooking ………

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