Review on Zenith Hotel Kuantan Pahang, MALAYSIA

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If you want to travel to Kuantan, Pahang, one of the many hotels that you can spend time at is the Zenith Hotel, Kuantan. It is a 5 star hotel which is centrally located at Kuantan town. My family and i have been staying here on several occasions since its opening.

This hotel is just across the street of East Coast Mall. If you need to have the convenience of getting food, shopping or just do window shopping, this hotel is the ideal location for you and family.

By the way, there are many hotels in Kuantan, depending on where and what you want to do. Whether you want to spend time at the beach, enjoying the river view or staying at the city.


The interior looks of the hotel and the rooms is contemporary and i can say, they are up-to date.

After a few occasions staying in this hotel, finally we have the better view of the city surroundings and the mall. This time too, we were able to see the ocean from our room.


(left) ocean at the far end, (right) the surrounding area

Kraya1the room view

Kraya3Kraya2shower area, sink area and toilet

The bathroom is quite spacious.

The swimming pool’s location is excellent, whereby you can enjoy the surrounding views from above as well.

davshower stand

davcomplete guide for the swimming pool attires

After staying here for separate occasions, we experienced a little disappointing service during breakfast. The breakfast spread is good, though.

Since we stayed here for a few nights recently, i noticed they did not quickly replenish the food. Before, they were quite efficient to do so. Maybe they were understaffs at that time or just lack of supervision.




At one incident, i had to wait for the noodle station’s staff to comeback. As you can see, i had to bring the noodles (without the gravy) to my table first before getting up again to get the gravy. I had to do this because they were many other people waiting for their noodles’ gravy at that time. In fact, i had to communicate with one of the staff to get someone to attend the noodle station.

Nevertheless, breakfast spread is always good at Zenith.


Here i found a few interesting items at East Coast Mall. Since i am already there, might as well just buy what i like even Daiso stuff.

davmy shopping stuff




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