Reorganizing my favourite body care products

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It’s already mid June! and the holy month of Ramadan is here as well. I would like to wish a Happy Ramadan to all Muslims around the world. For now, i should just let the religious preaching be done by experts, as i myself is constantly learning and enriching the knowledge and practices of my Beliefs.

Having said that, why not i just preach about my personal care products. For this product segment that i have right now, i am reorganizing and minimizing them and if budget permits later, i can do upgrading that is, spend money on other expensive brands.

From my perspectives, if the products are pricier, the ingredients should have a lot less of chemicals and more towards organic. If they aren’t, i will stay away.

There are products which i have bought in the past few months and have not use them due to the accumulation of stocks. So, since there are still many unopened packages or bottles, then i should have enough supplies for months to come.

Maybe i should avoid going to the malls. Well, that is impossible or maybe i should avoid passing by the shops i like.

For your info, i am not a make-up junkie, the most things i have right now is a compact powder and a lipstick. Even those, they took me forever to finish even when i was working full-time before.

I did buy a few full set of make-up products a long time ago and they caused allergies to my face. Since then, i was reluctant and traumatised to buy any set of make-up products. I am also traumatised about wasting the money that I’ve spent on those products.

Not only that, there were a few (or even many) of other body care products which i bought and had to throw away due to no effect to my skin or they have caused allergies too.

These are the products that i can remember:

Lotion for the eye’s dark circle. I bought the same product twice. One small tube cost me RM60. Maybe i was impatient, but really i hardly see any changes.

Oil spray type product for my frizzy hair. I had to throw this product after just a few times of spraying. After spraying and applying onto the hair even for just a little amount, i felt dizzy. It was weird because i tested and sprayed a few times in the shop but i did not felt dizzy at all. That product cost me around RM100 a bottle.

Other products which i threw away while applying them halfway include face moisturises and body lotions. I tried more than one products for each item and yet i don’t feel any satisfaction. I also realised that i am not comfortable with any heavily scented products that stuck on my skin.

I have wasted so much money!!!



Luckily, i have the needs to use other types of body care products which are face wash, face scrubs, face mask and of course various types of body wash such as body soaps, shower gels and body scrubs.

I might have ‘wasted money’ on buying extra clothes, kitchenwares or other home products which i don’t need to use them immediately. However, these stuff are ok if you keep them. You might use them later and even if you don’t, it is easy to give them away and you won’t feel guilty about spending money on those types of items.

However, there is no point to keep the ineffective skincare products once i decided to stop using them.

Since i am not a make-up junkie, i can focus my attention to other body care products. Good to know that i am still a normal human being……

I do buy a shop’s own label products, be it household products or even body care products. There are a few of the body care products which i have bought them repeatedly since the shops have started to reduce the chemicals ingredients in their products.



I am currently using a few items. Right now i am still deciding whether i should restock or try another brand since the products do give positive effects to my skin despite me not using them religiously.

sk2SK-11 facial treatment essence

Right now, i still have the toner but this one above is almost finish.

This product caught my attention not because of celebrities are using it instead, it was my neighbour and her face look wow!!! smooth and glowing.

For me the products are quite pricy but then they give positive effects to my face, so why not i just continue using. I am still not sure if i should get just one big bottle for the above item or buy a value set (if it is available).

I still have a few shopping vouchers from Isetan, KLCC which initially i thought of using them to buy healthy nuts. For your info, i don’t like to fork out a lot of money for skin products and i don’t simply buy any skin products.



mud2sephora mud mask

I wanted to restock this product but i still have ORIGINS products which i bought during value buy. I never use the ORIGINS brand before and luckily i bought the small sizes. Initially, after using the brand’s face mask, i felt the smell and the usage is more suitable for men. It also took a longer time to dry. I am not sure if i have bought the wrong products for me.

originsorigins face mask

Right now i am trying to finish up this product quickly. It does gives positive effect to my face but i have issue with the smell.


I find this product unique. Besides functioning as a body scrub, it is a body mask as well. I thought i can only do body masking at the spas. The smell is nice.

bodymaskbodymask2sephora express body scrub & mask


As you can see, i’m more into scrubs. These are the products which i have been accumulating and using.

scrubsbody scrubs from soap & glory, origins and crabtree & evelyn

Nowadays, many body wash and scrub products smell and feel more natural. I am sorry, i am not really liking the ORIGINS smell even for the scrubs. So, i persuaded my husband to finish it.


These products below were bought unplanned. This is what happen when you pass by the respective stores. If the stores are having good sales or buy XX free XX items, who can resists?? That is a huge money savings!!!

bbwmandibath & body works shower gels

bodyshopsabunthe body shop bar soaps

By the way, i also use LUX bar soaps. You do need to have many options when cleaning up yourself. There is no need to get stuck with any particular product or brand.

This is another shop’s own label. I’ve been using these for a few times. These shower products have less chemical ingredients and they are a lot, lot cheaper.

watson2naturals by watsons

Bottom line, whenever possible, i will buy products that have less chemical ingredients and i usually buy the more expensive (expensive for me) when there are good sales offer.

Happy shopping people!!!

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