Recycle the medium, small and smaller paper shopping bags

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I am really good at storing things (seriously) but worse to reuse them. I could store any item for years after years and at the end, i might end up just throwing them away, that is, dump them at the dumpster or at the recycle cage.

It feels disgusting to reopen the storage boxes which have been polluted by dusts and i also think it is not safe to reuse the kitchen items that have been stored for years. The items that i have stored include magazines, kitchen stuff, tupperware, curtains, clothing, home stuff etc.

If i am good at storing many stuff, that means i am also good at accumulating them. I NEED TO CHANGE THIS STUFFY LIFESTYLE VERY BADLY. I want my living space to be like those Japanese homes featured in House Paradise series. But then, when i think about it, it is impossible for me to completely avoid accumulating and storing stuff. The least i should do is to minimise those activities.

Good thing i no longer accumulate and store so many food items like can food, dry ingredients or even perishables.

It was last month when i started to dig into my ‘treasures’. I wanted to change a few curtains at home. Apparently, i felt relieved that i still keep the button type hanging curtains (see picture below), whereby i don’t have to bother about inserting any hooks. This means i can avoid making or purchasing new curtains. So i washed one pair and sent them to the laundry for ironing.

hpaper2button type curtains

When buying or getting my curtains to be sew, i like to have or make them into a few small standard sizes pieces, instead of sewing one large and bulky curtain. The purpose is for easy washing and especially for easy mix and match.


Then, while i was trying to dig into other stuff, i noticed i also have so many shopping bags including the paper types. We always feel that we might use those paper bags later. It is true, but not all of them. The small and extra small paper bags are cute but they can be useless as well. I still like to receive those small paper bags when shopping. I have not reach the extreme level yet where by, bringing my own shopping bags to the malls every time.

However, do bring along your own shopping bags when travelling because there could be certain places in the country and everywhere else that already imposed strict regulation of not giving away shopping bags. Don’t forget about the no plastic bags policy on Saturdays or you have to pay for it if you need one.

hpaper1paper bags

If i want to get rid of those bags NOW, one option is to bundle them together and leave them at the dumpster or recycle bin but i decided not to do that yet. I am not ready to let go those paper bags now. The large and the medium size paper bags are very handy to be used to accumulate other paper types related rubbish inside them before sending them to the dumpster or recycle bin.

However, the most annoying paper bags are the small and smaller types sizes. Somehow, i feel recycling them immediately is not productive. Like i said earlier, i still like to keep them. They are cute.

When recycling, we suppose to accumulate the same source of items together. So i thought, this is where the small paper bags should be used effectively.

Items such as cut tiny pieces of papers, make-up cottons, used tissues, wet tissues and other related items should be accumulated inside the small paper bags instead of putting them into another plastic bag. When full, group them together with other perishables items before putting them at the dumpster.

The point is, you have reduced the usage of another plastic bag and avoided combining non-plastic waste items with plastic bags.

Although most plastic bags now are said to be biodegradable, they still take time to disappear. 



My one issue resolved!

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