organizing my veggie meals

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I admit I don’t cook or prepare vegetables meal everyday.  Wait……….., the truth is, I don’t even cook everyday.  However, as my age is increasing, I feel it is time to set good examples to my kids about eating the right food before it is too late.  Also, before they got stuck up eating those fancy but unhealthy food.


Anyhow, now it seems that I have the motivation to cook a few times in a week.  I feel, if it is not for other people in the family, at least I should take care of my own body first by eating the correct food.

So, today I would like to share with you how I organize my veggie meals for a week.  This happened just last week.

Before I went out to buy the veggies, I had to made up my mind on what exactly i wanted to cook in that week.  No more staring at the vegetables in the supermarket and be clueless.

Now, when I bought any type of veggies, I will make sure that the quantities are just enough for the days I want to cook.  I really feel terrible about having to throw any extra and unwanted veggies.

During my poor planning era………., I used to stocked up my fridge and kitchen with all sorts of need to be cook products.  Well, those days are gone, long time ago, maybe a few years back.

Alright………, if you look at the picture below, I already divided the veggies equally into four separate containers.  Meaning, one container for each cooking session.  Well, it shows I prepared for four days of cooking.  I know it’s best if I can cook all the veggies within a week.

What happened was, I managed to clear up three containers easily.  The last one was a struggle.  A few days of the week I was busy with other activities.

Each veggie meal that I prepared was just enough to feed three to four people in my house.  When i cleaned and cut the veggies, I make sure I did not have to leave any single veggie in my fridge.

I feel it’s ok if my family can achieve eating veggie meals at least 3-4 times in a week, rather than none.



I even cleaned the garlic, bird eye chili and parsley leaves.  I did the preparation on Sunday.  Then, during each time I cooked the veggies, the situation was, a messy-free kitchen and no stress.

Yes, of course I need to practice this scenario more often.

Anyway, these are the two veggie meals that I managed to cooked last week.  I cooked each of the veggie meals twice.



 vegetables soup with shrimps


 sautéed/stir-fry vegetables with shrimps

(I’m not sure which word to use due to the amount of liquid that appeared during and after the cooking.  I remember I did not pour in any water).  While I’m cooking this meal, i know i’m making sautéed veggie, but when i compare with other pictures in the internet, it looked like stir-fry.

No matter what, i really don’t mind to repeat cooking the same veggie meals twice.  For me, now, there is no need to be fussy when eating vegetables.



In another situation, I hardly cook during the weekends.  If my husband is not around, the kids and I would rather stay on bed the whole morning and also……….. in the afternoon.  It is also possible not to think about food during that situation.  Even if our stomachs start making attitude, we can just eat bread or ready-made biscuits.

Not forgetting the instant porridge and instant noodles which I never fail to stock up.

However, whether I like it or not, the kids and I still need to eat normal food.  Therefore, delivery service is unavoidable, despite the huge amount of bill that I have to pay.  Sometimes, if i am not too lazy, I will skip ordering the chicken meal sets.  That means, if we need to eat for dinner too, i will just order one whole chicken which I then request it to be cut into eight pieces.  I only have to cook rice.



If the whole family go out during weekends, these are the two meals which i always craves when we go to this particular shopping mall.  As if there are no other food that can satisfy my stomach.



char kuey teow


 middle eastern kebab





Okey……… just a little bit of my cooking and eating activities……….

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