my third online purchase at TESCO online, Malaysia

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I never bother to buy any household items or groceries online.  The situations where I have to use online services are usually vacations related and buying movie tickets.  Those are the only online services that I’ve been forced to use so far.  Being forced by the nature…….

It seems I don’t have much leisure time to explore any shopping websites.  Well, situation might change in the future…… by force maybe…….

Truly, i had no desire to even bother about TESCO online shopping.  Only when i saw the TESCO truck coming in and out at my neighbourhood, that I began to look up its website.  Looks like my neighbours are more advanced than me.  Then I thought, why not I try.  What matters to me is that, I don’t have to pay first.

I found out this service requires customers to have credit card or debit card.  The only reason why I don’t mind using their service is because, I can only make payments when the products arrive in front of my house.

I had bad experiences with “pay first, get your products later”.

Only after my third online purchase with TESCO, I realized the service is starting to provide convenience for me.  I definitely can avoid carrying heavy plastic bags from the car to the house.

However, I still need to go to the supermarket to find other things.  I am still comfortable going to the wet section of any supermarkets to buy veggies and meat products.

If you read my previous post, nowadays i only buy wet products when i have made up my mind what to cook during the week.  Therefore, I no longer stuffed my refrigerator with perishable products.

So far, I only bought household items and drinks from the TESCO online service.



The first delivery was perfect or maybe I was too excited.  All products were in good condition even though one or two items were not available.  Reason being, no stock.  So, of course I don’t have to pay for the unavailable products.

For the second time delivery, they came way out of the timing slot.  Almost my bedtime.  In fact, I was wondering if they will ever come that night.

When the products arrived late, I really felt I should inspect whatever I purchase.  Who knows my purchases might not be mine.  I was not interested to suddenly have a mood swing later in the evening.

Luckily, all the products I ordered were mine and in good condition.  The expiry dates on the juices’ boxes were also quite late.  However, I saw price differences in the receipt as compared to the shopping cart guide on the website.

It’s already late to find out. So, never mind.

I feel, for delivery service like this, you need to have an open mind.  It is your own choice for not going to the supermarket to buy what you need.  If you feel unsatisfied about any online service, partly or even entirely, it is your own fault.  It’s you who made the choice.



So next, is my third time using the TESCO online service.  After two quite satisfactory services, I started to care less about the conditions of items I bought.  This time, the truck came within the agreed timing slot.

After the payment transaction and exchanging smiles with the delivery person, I decided to quickly put away whatever I bought.

These unlucky incidents proved I am at my own’s fault.




You can see very clearly that I received one already crushed milo can.  One crush at the bottom, the other one is on the top side.

If you see the receipt, I also bought eggs.  Do I really need to open up the egg tray to see if there was any bad egg??  I don’t smell anything bad, so I assumed all eggs were in good conditions.

By the way, I’m not sure when I started to have this particular type of syndrome.  Most of the time after I bought cans and bottled drinks, I will rinse them before i put inside the fridge.  If I have no time to do that, I will rinse the can or bottle before consuming.  I am very sure some of us have this similar attitude.

So, after I received the TESCO products, I did rinsed all the drinking items.  And guess what, I decided to open up the egg tray and rinsed all the eggs one by one.  And…….. unexpectedly, I saw one cracked egg which the yolks already started to come out.



Due to these two incidents, I lost nearly RM3.  Good thing I never choose a delivery slot that is chargeable.


So……… as you all can see, partly it is my fault.  The store can argue………. why you did not check your products when it arrived……. bla……. bla……..



Lesson i learned, next time………, I really need to do a quick inspection when any products arrive.  As for the eggs, depends on my shopping schedule, I should just get the fresh eggs from supermarkets.


Well, I’m gonna continue using the TESCO online service for now.  The service is quite handy actually.  However, to avoid any bad circumstances, I will order my products two days in advance like I did for the three times delivery.




happy shopping……..

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