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I enjoy my gardening activities a lot and i don’t mind spending some money buying plants to do trial and error planting. Usually, i buy the smaller size plants.

These plants i bought about 2 weeks ago. I never bought these type of plants before. So far, the plants are adjusting well. I don’t have the time to transfer them to my flower pots yet.


I put these two under the shades. So, i really should maintain this criteria in the future.



In contrast, i bought these 2 very delicate plants.


I call this, wasting money. I was gonna plant them after the hari raya holidays. Unfortunately, that will never happen.

I did bought one type of these a long time ago. It grew quite healthy and did not give me any problems at all. However, i realised that i don’t have a lot of time to give attention to these type of plants. I decided to gave the delicate plants to my mum.

Until now, that plants are still living healthily. I should just let the plants grow at my mum’s house. By right, i could just take some of them and plant at my house.

After the purchase, i was not exactly sure where to put these plants. At first, i put them under the shades. I think because of the small size, the plants cannot handle the amount of heat.  I should have kept them inside the house first.

They wilted later after i watered them. I thought the soil was dry because it looked dry. So i decided to water the plants. I am very sure i gave a moderate amount of water and yet they turn out to be like these.

Based on my experience, these plants don’t need a lot of water to stay healthy. I seldom water the previous ones (the ones i gave to my mum) and these i only watered twice since i bought them about 3 weeks ago.



Enjoy your gardening………….

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