My detergent vase

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The title sounds unfamiliar,right?. Well, it is quite straightforward actually. Instead of keeping decorative flowers in the flower vase, me on the other hand filled up the vase with powder detergent. How did it happened??

Well, my initial purpose of buying the flower vase was to keep artificial flowers, of course!!! As you all already found out, i do like to garden fresh plants instead of artificial ones, for now.  This situation might change later, you never know.

I did bought several artificial flowers and started doing the flower decorations and arrangements. Of course it was fun in the beginning and i felt proud of myself.  I too can do flower arrangements, you know.  Hee….. hee….. Then the crisis started.

What happened was, the flowers started to collect dusts. Then surprisingly, i became lazy to cleaned them up. Somehow, I totally ignored the fake flowers well-being.  Actually, i am very new to this activity of arranging artificial flowers and i forgot these type of flowers too need special attention.

So, i end up handed over the flowers to my mum. Flowers only, i keep the vases. Not sure why i decided to keep them. They only added-up my clutters collection.



Note: There are no holes at the bottom during purchase. The top covers i bought at an english deco shop.

Guess how long it took me to repurpose the vases?? ………… Not that long actually, about 3 years. Finally, the vases are very useful now. I have not decided when i could resumed the flower arrangements activity. If that ever happens, i would go to those ‘english deco theme’ shops to get new flower vase.



For now, i shall stick to maintain my real plants.  Even these plants require a lot more commitments than the artificial ones.

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