My cooking pans mini shopping haul

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I’ve been thinking to do this before Ramadan and i did. Before Ramadan, i have been planning to reorganise my pots and pans. Well, getting rid of the old ones and replacing them with the new ones. There were member’s day at SOGO, KL and other sales everywhere which were worth to visit.

I have not replaced my pots and pans for a few years so i felt i had the excuse to visit the malls. If you have the right size of pots and pans for your stove, that will really help with the cooking activities and most importantly the cooking timing.

Since i’m staying near KL, i went to SOGO, KLCC, IKEA Cheras and AEON shopping mall to browse for my kitchen stuff. These places have more product choices, more details and more brands and also suitable for those who like to  collect points for their member’s shopping card.

These are my ‘old’ non-stick pans and a normal pot which i felt i should get rid of them. I have a few other non-stick pots which still look good and currently using them. They have been with me for several years too. I am not sure if it is ok to keep them for too long.

oldpansmy ‘old’ non-stick pans and a non-coated pot

There are many and different opinions out there about using the coated types of pots and pans and also about the life span of the products. We don’t know who is right or who is not so i am just trying to make the issues logic base on my own personal needs.

I have been using the (smaller) 20cm pan for quite a while. As you can see there are a lot of scratches on other pans surfaces as well. I don’t have a slightly bigger pan than the 20cm’s for making small meal portions or for reheating food.

That one i have is either too small (the 20cm pan) or too big. It is a bit inconvenience to work with the small 20cm pan and on the other hand, it is a waste of energy, time and effort to wash the huge cooking pan if i want to make a small meal.

I also notice on cooking shows, the chefs use many types of stainless steel cooking products. There are opinions that say stainless steel cooking products are more safer.

For me, i don’t need large fry pans or pots since my family is small. If i have an ideal size of cooking pan, it will be more convenience for my kids as well if they want to make eggs or reheat food. Right now they just depend on the small 20cm pan to make eggs.


Initially, my first priority was to get a lid/cover for that old 20cm pan and whenever possible to get the same size of pan made of stainless steel. I have not been keeping myself up to date with the pots and pans latest style and design so i have no idea what is available at the malls.


So, the first place i went to was SOGO. During one of the previous weekends, i managed to get inside SOGO during the member’s day, despite it was already late afternoon. Apparently, i am more in the mood to visit this place during early morning.

Regardless, i went straight up to the home department and there was a 20cm stainless steel pan on display, without the cover. I needed to buy them separately. The cooking pan’s price was already about RM150. If i buy the cover, that will cost a lot. I like the cooking pan, it was light. So i thought my problem is solved.


After waiting for a sales lady to went somehow and came back, apparently there was no stock!!! How typical! What was the point of displaying?

Then, i asked her if i can buy the display item. After she made a quick discussion with her supervisor, it was possible for me to do that plus i can get some discounts as well. However, i felt the sales lady was trying to discouraged me from buying since the product has been on the display for quite a while. After a quick decision, i decided not to buy.

At the same display area, there was a bigger, a 24cm pan and it cost a lot more.

At the end, i just purchased a 20cm lid.

After that, i walked around at the bedding area. Due to it’s already late afternoon and crowded, i had no desire to buy anything.

So, that’s it! I just bought this one product.  

endocover20cm pan/pot lid

There were other branded lids and more expensive.



The next day was crazy. I went out by myself to continue with my unaccomplished mission. 

I wanted to go to IKEA Cheras, but before heading there, i made a quick visit to Isetan, KLCC just in case they have what i what (the 20cm stainless steel cooking pan). After browsing at the kitchenwares area, i got confused and i did not buy anything. I also went to Parkson KLCC and they do not sell homewares anymore?

So it looked like i had good excuse to go to IKEA Cheras. Since i’ve not been to IKEA for almost a year, i might as well walk around and see if there is anything new.

Finally, at the kitchen products section, there was no 20cm fry pan. However, they have the 24cm stainless steel pan and it was cheaper than the one i saw at SOGO. This item too, has no lid. I don’t have any 24cm fry pan, and i was not planning to buy despite i need a slightly bigger pan.

Then, i have decided not to waste my time and effort of coming to IKEA. I bought the pan anyway despite no lid. By the way, the 24cm pan was heavy when i lift it.

So at this moment, i already have a 20cm pan cover with a 24cm cooking pan. 

I thought that’s it! Going home with the 24cm pan and other small items from IKEA.

When i was on my way home, apparently i still have energy to move around and that means….. another shopping mall. Why not?

So after a quick decision, i have decided to also make a quick stop at AEON mall without hoping for anything. Just look around, i thought. AEON was having a member’s special day at that time whereby if you spend certain amount, you will get vouchers.



See what i ended up buying……

After i looked around at the homewares area, i finally found a 20cm fry pan! It was not stainless steel and it was not alone. It was attached to a 28cm pan with cover! Going through the products, the package was under RM200. By the way, i already have a 28cm pan in my kitchen but without cover.

Seems like a win-win situation here.

So, i already bought a lid for a 20cm pan and now there is also a lid for my 28cm pan. If i buy these items, i will have one extra 28cm pan. Regardless, my problems are solved when i bought the products.


28cmpanmy new cooking pans

Then nearby, i saw a full set of Japanese kitchen items brand and the products are having huge discounts. This wok (below) was on 50% discount and with a free cover! Should i buy….. should i not…..should i buy….. should i not…..

shogunsmall20cm wok with cover

Oh no! now i have more than what i was looking for. Thinking over the pros and cons, i felt this small wok will be useful too.

This is the 28cm pan without lid i was talking about.

kualibesar28cm stainless steel pan without cover

This very handy stainless steel 28cm pan, i got it from my accumulated points plus a very small cost. Why can’t the manufacturers produce the complete pans with covers/lids. Can you see what i have to go through?

The size of this pan is ideal even if you want to cook meals with gravy. For me it is enough to cook any meal for 6 people. If you want to save money or new to cooking, you can just get this one item first instead of buying another set of pot.

For your info, if you want to find many kitchen and home stuff at AEON, you have to go to the bigger AEON malls. When i visit different locations, they could offer different products and more brands. It seemed i bought more stuff here despite SOGO is having its own member’s day.

Just one problem left, which is i don’t have cover for my 24cm pan. Since the IKEA’s pan was quite heavy for me, i looked out for the same product at AEON, just in case they have a light 24cm pan. There is! I am wondering why is IKEA’s pan quite heavy. It is saver?


The eagle brand 24cm pan is stainless steel made and it is more light, however it does not come with any lid as well. After searching, thankfully there is a lid for the 24cm pan. However, choices were limited and good thing, this lid is light.

tefalcover24cm lid/cover

For now, i have been using the 20cm pan and 24cm pan almost daily. They are very handy especially with their matching covers.


  • Look out for the manufacturers warranty. The items i bought at AEON stated clearly at the label about manufacturing warranty of 2 years. I use this as the indicator for my other pots and pans.
  • Buy when there is purchase with purchase offer (PWP).
  • Buy when the products have good discounts.
  • Buy when the products are attached together for value buy.
  • If you are crazy about points collection and vouchers, do go shopping during member’s day.


I would like to wish,


have a happy Ramadan and happy cooking….


♥ ♥ 

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