Minimizing my trivial issues, my plant care

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I need to clear up the dishes before i can focus on other activities like writing blogposts or even gardening today. It is so easy for people around me to say “get yourself a part-time maid or even a full-timer”. Yes, i thought about that occasionally. A few years back, i did hired part-time cleaners.

Unfortunately, they were only very reliable at the beginning. Then, i had to constantly monitor their work, repeat the same instructions and commented this and that area were still not clean. I hate doing that. I got many other things to do. Plus, to my so much dislike, there were issues related to their personal needs that came up.

So enough with the cleaners.


clean dishes

To my delight, as my kids are growing up, i noticed that they have started to be independent in terms of cleaning up their own mess. Now, they can clean their own rooms, wash and dry their own clothes and turn on the stove without fear. Although these activities are not on regular basis yet, but at least this is a very good development.

Hopefully they realised, i should now do more productive activities like cooking proper meals or even to turn on the computer.

On another note, i still have serious issues with my own time management. I feel that i have not yet fully-utilized the leisure time i have to do more productive activities (that include gardening as well).

The housework chores are actually not that much. I just don’t have the good discipline to be like those clean freak people. But why do i feel that these people only exist on tv shows??? I seriously never met any clean freak in real life.

Anyway, have you all seen a tv show called ‘house paradise’?? It reveals Japanese high-end houses that are not cluttered with anything (seriously not cluttered at all and yet they have all the modern tools they need). It seemed every single space has it own purpose, even a tiny section that most people ignore. Looks like they don’t leave any empty corner without a purpose. I am trying to connect this idea into my home now.

My cooking routine too need a lot of proper time arrangement.

Oh dear……… yes, i am restarting my life over…….



On other important issue, my plants need more attention from me as well.

Up till now, i always just make sure that all my plants are awake and well. I know, in order to be a serious gardener, you need to re pot the plants over times, trim them, grow them, give them fertilisers and talk to them as well……

Let’s see how is one of my plants develops. This plant, (i’ll find out the name later but tell me if you know, ya…..) has been around for quite some time, maybe almost 3 years now.


plant with unique leaves

Actually, I don’t really bother to water this plant regularly. Then over times, i noticed, this plant don’t really need so much water after all.

Just in case you are interested to grow this plant with the unique leaves, you must put it near shades. No direct sunlight.

At the moment, it looks like the plant is wilting. I think i gave it too much of water the other day. I suppose it’s time to give it some fertilisers as well. I don’t water this plant everyday or even every other day. Just once or twice a week is enough. Just remember, anytime when you want to water it, don’t give so much water.


happy gardening………

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