Malaysia’s year end sales and holidays are coming

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Soon, there will be the year end sales at most of the retail outlets in Malaysia. Despite i never declare myself as a shopaholic, i don’t really agree that it is the only good time to buy ALL the stuff i need. The reality is, we still can find good bargains on many products regardless of the year end sales. You should notice this if you go to any malls every week or even almost every week.

Most retail shops do offer good bargains every month and even during the normal (non-holidays) weekends. Like me and my family, if time permits, we will go to any mall we like, to eat and do sightseeing and not just get stuck at the same mall every time to see the same thing. You definitely can find something interesting everywhere else.

I bought these body care products unexpectedly recently.



I bought them on value buy price and good discounts. Being me, i try not to buy these items when they are sold at normal prices.

Based on my experience, if you really want to get good bargains, you need to look out for the retail companies Member’s Daywhether it is mid-range or high-end products. Of course, you need to be their member first. The extra discounts which they offer to members are really good and during this day, the retailers usually will increase the points on member’s card a lot too.

But don’t forget about the traffic and the parking chaos. Well, as for me, i don’t mind reaching the parking area even before the malls open their main entrance. By the way, i usually go out alone to the malls during any member’s day. Home stuff and many supermarket items are a lot cheaper.

Practically, if there is the year end sales, it is more about convenience. This is the time when many people take their annual leaves to go for holidays as well. Hence, people have more time to browse to find their personal stuff.

The year end sales also coincide with the school holidays and the beginning of the new year where by stationery supplies, school uniforms and shoes are abundance everywhere. I remember getting excited to began another new year during my school years. That was the time when i imagined what i need.

But honestly, i hate finding stuff during annual sales and especially during fasting month. The malls will be overcrowded. It makes me stress. The payment queues are long. I have experienced of not getting the stuff i need or even the right size for my clothes and especially shoes.


Despite my many dilemma above, i might still go the malls during this year end, insyallah. Having said all that, to avoid unnecessary purchase or duplication of shopping, it is wise to do all these first:

SAVE MONEY FOR SHOPPING. Allocate some amount for shopping.

DO ‘TO BUY LIST’. You might end up asking yourself ‘to buy’ or ‘not to buy’… ‘to buy’ or ‘not to buy’ (repeat many times).

DECLUTTER AND CLEAR MY HOME SPACE. The new stuff which i might buy definitely need their own space.

It is very important to bring along your growing up kids or small kids to avoid buying the wrong sizes for uniforms, shoes and socks. They also want to choose their own bags and stationeries. Don’t expect they like everything we choose for them.

If you need to relax and do a lot of shopping at the same time, my suggestion is, you should consider staying at hotels which are attached to the malls. My family started doing this when my kids were about to start their primary education. Initially, i was going back and forth to the malls to get my kids’ school supplies. I thought it was ridiculous.

These are a few places to relax and shop at the same time which i recommend based on my personal experience:


*For Alamanda Putrajaya, you can extend your shopping activities to IOI City Mall Putrajaya and even Mitsui Outlet Park.

Those malls have hotels attached to them and they have many practical retail outlets.


♥ ♥ ♥

The reality is, these few months back, i have been telling myself,



Therefore, i recommend myself and my family to avoid the hotel and shopping mall places and we should go to the resorts instead!!!


You guys go have fun at the malls…

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