Little things that matters; kitchenworks: multi-functional containers and a new rice cooker

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Usually, during Ramadan (fasting month), I realized I have some extra time to do nothing.  No wonder why many people out there can do shopping excessively and aggressively.  As for me, I always happened to discover items or products that I never wish or have no desire to buy during non-Ramadan months.  Seriously……..

I wonder why.  Maybe some parts of the brain is empty because there is no need to think so much about food.  So other issues can fill in.  In fact, I will do more cleaning and home organizing during Ramadan.

No matter what, it is also during festive seasons when supermarkets and shopping venues (online and offline), will offer many interesting and attractive price products.


And guest what, these are my recent purchases due to the extra time I have.




These cute and colourful items attracted me the other day.  However, these products could have already been on the shelves regardless of festive seasons or not.  Clearly, it is more like nothing else to do activity that I ended up purchasing four of them.  Why four??  Why not two, right??

Well, first I was attracted to the colours.  These items are also available in purple.  However, the green and dark pink suit my kitchen’s colour theme.  So I feel I should have them in pairs.

As I was holding the containers, I already have ideas of what I should keep inside them.  These containers can be left on the dining table freely due to the covered feature.

Who ever invented these products is another genius. Here are the reasons:



1. The colours are very attractive.

2. Main reason I purchase is because of the three different sizes of holes; small, medium and big.  Now, can you imagine how functional these tools can be.

3. The holes are covered with another layer which can be turn around easily.  So, the cover is protecting the container from incoming insects.

4. I like the unique outer patterns.


Actually, at the same shelf, there were few other products with only one type of holes and too bad, they are also not covered.  Although other designs were pretty, they were more expensive too.


These are my practical ideas for the usage:

1. Chicken rice’s chili and kicap (can use two of those).

2. Caramel syrup, santan, grated coconut and icing sugar for kuih muih.

3. Sambal cili padi with kicap.

4. Other liquid sauce.


Of course you can keep sugar, salt and spices.  However, due to the biggest hole size it has, I am more interested with my own listed ideas above.  Besides, I am sure we all already have special bottles for sugar, salt, spices etc.






On another very important issue,



I have been delaying myself to buy a new rice cooker due to time constraints and laziness.  Mainly, laziness.  My previous rice cooker’s cook button can no longer function properly.

Like I said earlier, I have some extra time to do nothing during Ramadan, so there was no excuse not to buy the new rice cooker.  It was going to be a mandatory situation.  What happen if the rice cooker totally broke down when I need to cook rice for sahur??  Cooking rice in a pot on the gas stove??  I did that before, no worries.


This is the rice cooker I was talking about and yet I was not worry too much when it did not function properly.  The orange button you see keep jumping up even though the rice is not yet cooked.  So I had to press it with my finger for a few seconds to stabilize it.  Then, this method no longer effective.  I had to repeat this process until it stops jumping because once I lifted my finger, it jumped.

I have been using the normal rice cooker all this while.  However, I have this new idea of steaming rice after hearing good outcome about it.  If properly steam, no rice will be wasted.  What I don’t like is that, you suppose to soak the rice in water first for about 30 minutes.  Looks like time consuming, right.

Anyway, I went to AEON electrical department to find out which cooker can steam rice easily.  To my disappointment, the sales ladies’ don’t even understand what I was talking about.  “Steam rice?? steam rice?? …….., what??”.  There were a few electrical products for steaming food, which I am not confident on how to use them and yet, none of the sales people can explain to me anything properly.


Then I saw this rice cooker.  What attracted me is that, the claims it made about crust free and stainless steel pot.  I bought this anyway.  No time for trial and error.  Next time I shall discover about the rice steaming.

I have been using the new rice cooker for a few days now.  Let me give some reviews:

Well, it is not entirely crust free.  But I do see very minimal leftover rice inside the pot after I spooned out every bit of rice I could.  I still need to soak the pot before washing.  However, I find the crust very easy to be removed just by scrubbing the inner pot softly as compared to the previous problematic rice cooker.

As for the previous rice cooker, which also has inner coating, the crusts still stick hard despite I soaked the pot for hours.


Washing this new rice pot is also worry free for me as the inner is not coated.  I just use the normal sponge for washing dishes to clean this pot.  I even tried to remove the crust by using my fingers.  It works.

Another good product.



Alright, I am very happy with my purchases.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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