Linguine meals in a row; aglio olio, creamy and fried

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I was busy finding money. Well, let me rephrase that. I was busy looking for a job. A real job. Not MLM, not member get member type, etc. It’s going to take a while until this blog actually produces any rewards.

Until the real job comes around, in the meantime, i should adjust my daily routines and chores including cooking proper meals.

My family need to reduce eating out activities. Now, if the whole family go out to eat foreign meals, the bill could reach minimum cost around RM200.

So, looks like i need to practice cooking variety of meals at home. Practice makes perfect, right…… These meals i’m sharing are examples of my family favourites when eating out. Pasta meals. We often order both the creamy type pasta and aglio olio. Fancy restaurants normally charged RM30++ per plate for these meals. And yet i don’t see the amount of food on the plate is suitable for sharing.

I do cook pasta meals sometimes. Usually, i will purchase the same brand when i want to cook this meal. The labels normally stated 500g. So, when i want to boil the contents, it will be either half or 3/4 of it which is enough for 4 people. If there are another 2 extra people eating, then i can boil everything.

So the other day, i decided to try a different brand. The label says 250g which means i can dump everything in a pot. No more leftovers stock for me to keep like before.

15.6.39That day, i decided to be creative, so why not i prepare both the linguine creamy and aglio olio at the same time. Actually, i also like to try out different types of pastas and turn them into fusion meals.

After i boiled and drained the linguine, i separated them into 2 portions. Why do i feel it is less tedious to make these meals than making fried noodles? Or maybe i’m already bored cooking the same meals many times.

I cooked these meals within 2 weeks. I purposely cooked these 2 meals at the same time because the process is similar.


This is my all time favourite. This meal can feed 2 people or 1 very hungry person. Notice i use the leafy veggies instead of broccoli. It is more fresh.

12.53.11These are the ingredients: olive oil, shrimps & squids, green veggies, cherry tomatoes, garlic, dried chili, parsley, grated cheese, black pepper and some salt.

13.8.9Cooking process: Sauté the basic ingredients and seafood.

13.12.42Add in the linguine, chopped parsley leaves and green veggies. Mix everything together. Add in some black pepper and salt. Lastly, when plating, sprinkle some grated cheese on top.

13.36.44linguine seafood aglio olio

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Next is my linguine creamy seafood meal. If you notice i bought the small box of cooking cream. It is enough to make a meal for 2 people or 1 very hungry person. A few restaurants we went to, prepared this meal with too much of cream.

14.2.19The ingredients are: olive oil, shrimps & squids, green veggies, garlic, fresh red chili, parsley, cooking cream, white pepper and some salt.

Cooking process: Sauté the basic ingredients and seafood.

14.17.45Put in the linguine, cooking cream, green veggies and chopped parsley leaves. Mix everything together. Add in some white pepper and salt.

14.45.37linguine creamy seafood

I like just a moderate amount of cream. I don’t quite enjoy the meal if it is too creamy.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

This is a bonus…….


This is what i was talking about, a fusion meal. When it comes to fried noodles, i’ve tried cooking with different types of pastas and even macaroni as well.


You can prepare the basic ingredients from scratch. But for this meal, i bought the already prepared pre-mix fried noodles paste which are sold in packets. I use 2 small packets.

Cooking process: In a pan, pour in a little bit of oil. Put in the pre-mix paste. Saute for about 2 mins. Then add in the shrimps and squids. Sauté together until they are half cook. Then, add in the linguine and your favourite veggies. Mix together. Add salt if needed.

13.3.25fried linguine with seafood

There were some leftovers chicken parts in the fridge. I decided to fry them. I just mix them with salt and black pepper first. Look at the quantity of the fried linguine. I cooked the whole 250g content.


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