Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan MALAYSIA resort review

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We had a fantastic vacation at AVANI Sepang and yet again, i have decided to look out for other interesting over water resort in Malaysia.

We almost failed to get reservation for this place due to last minute search. Somehow, there were limited rooms still available right before Christmas. So, early holiday preparation is indeed important.

Before we decided to go to Port Dickson, i was very concerned about one issue, FLIES (the insect). The last time we went here was about 10 years ago! After doing some latest research about where we should eat around the town, we decided that we should just hang around inside the resort to dine. Visitors to Port Dickson have been complaining about flies at eateries in a few areas and yet the food prices are also expensive. 

Considering this is a 5 star hotel resort and the rooms rates’ are not cheap, i don’t expect it to be infested with flies.

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is located about 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, depending on the traffic.

By the way, i have weaknesses when it comes to hotels and resorts especially when the places are highly rated. That means, i usually will end up not interested to leave the resort area or worst, even the room. For me, by just staying inside the room, is a relaxation. It looks like my kids are following this attitude. We stayed here for 3N/4D.


There are two types of accommodations at the resort. It is up to your preference whether you want to stay at the water villas or at the tower rooms. Both provide different surrounding views and experience.

Over water villas:

You can enjoy the unique and close to nature experience of the ocean’s turquoise water.

Suitable for jogging/walking environment because the lanes are quite large.

Tower rooms:

Every room is overlooking the water villas and sea view, the Straits of Malacca.

You can enjoy the sunset from your room.

It is more convenient and time saving if you want to go to the restaurants at the lobby.

Easily accessible to the indoor, outdoor and water sports activities.

Hibiscus Walk is very nearby.

In the beginning, HM wanted us to stay at the tower due to the bigger room size. Me on the other hand, wanted to stay at the over water villa since it is very rare for us to get this kind of experience. At the end, he agreed with my reasoning but reminded me about my almost sleepless night at AVANI which was due to the very early morning thunderstorm that has caused me panic.

These are pictures of the over water villas and the tower. The over water villas are built into the shape of hibiscus. The view of the hibiscus shape is more clearer if you are staying at the tower’s higher floors. The lower view of the water villas photo was taken from the Horizon Deck on the main building’s 2nd floor while the sunset view photo was taken from the Sky Lounge at 13th floor of the main building. The lanes/walkways at the water villas look so pretty at night.


When we came, the lobby was already packed with local and Asian visitors trying to check-in. Somehow, the bosses and staff did their job efficiently and checking-in was not stressful.

There was a welcome dance as well. The hotel also provides welcome drink. It was refreshing and i took a few glasses.

Since we have decided to stay at the over water villa, the buggy service will be our mode of transportation for a few days from and to our villa to the main building. The buggy service was quite efficient despite the resort was packed with visitors. The service was frequent and we did not have to wait long for a buggy to fetch us from our villa during breakfast and checking-out.

We had our bags with us when heading to our villa.


The water villas are modern both inside and outside. We have chosen to stay at Panorama Pool Villa (sea view), which is located at the filament of the hibiscus. This section of the water villas face the Straits of Malacca. By the way, at night, i did not expect the total darkness of the ocean. This could be fun for some people or adventurous to others. At this resort, i notice there are no high tide and low tide at the ocean and it was difficult to spot any marine life.

There are two king size beds and the room has direct access to the balcony area. The bath and the wardrobe area are at the opposite side of the beds divided by walls. The tv screen is attached to the wall right opposite the beds.

Due to the location of the sea view villas that face directly to the Straits of Malacca, the sun shines direct to our balcony. It was extra hot in the afternoon. Therefore, the sauna is more useful in the evening.

The advantage is, villas located at this filament part of the hibiscus offer a lot more freedom and privacy at the same time. It is only your next door neighbour who can see you at the balcony. The water sports activities will also pass by at this area during certain time.

The private dip pool is more appropriate for kids while adults can soaked themselves as much as they need.


Besides the king size beds, there is a working desk. There are also double sinks, one toilet, a shower and a bathtub. The resort is quite generous with the toiletries and as a 5 star resort, the items are complete. They are also generous with the towels.

The room is also provided with a flashlight.

Other items include a kettle and a mini fridge. There are also free mineral waters, coffee and tea. At one time, i cannot believe that they came to supply our room with free soft drinks and free snacks.

Room service was quick and friendly and WIFI signal is also strong.



There are so many choices of food beginning from the morning breakfast routine until dinner. We had our buffet breakfast at two different locations which are at the Roselle Coffee House located at the Ground Floor of the main building and at the Horizon Deck on the second floor of the main building. At the Horizon Deck, guests can enjoy the view of the over water villas.

The breakfast spread are mostly Malaysian and Asian food probably due to the high number of Asian visitors during that time. In addition, i was quite surprise that they also offer authentic Malaysian food such as nasi lemak bungkus, nasi kerabu, pulut kuning, baked tapioca and sweet potato with coconut flakes and brown sugar. Desserts were also good.

We also had our buffet lunch at Roselle Coffee House due to the many choices of food. 

breakfast meals

In-room dining

Since we have decided to stay inside the resort and just hang out in our room, we had to order food from room service through the tv screen. It seems like a trend now that resorts have started to make use of their tv screens for food menu.

These are the in-room dining menu. We have ordered sandwich, char koay meow, nasi goreng and pizza. Well, due the expensive hotel/resort food price, of course we expect the food to be tasty.

Also, from the tv menu, there were quite a long list of movies, many of which i have not watch.

Another reason of not going out from the resort is that, i don’t feel we should drive our car out from the main building’s multi-level parking.


One fun thing to do is to watch sunset at Sky Lounge which is located at the highest floor of the main building. You don’t have to do this if you are staying at the tower villas. However, you need to purchase a drink if you want to hang out at the lounge. We ordered mocktails which also come with snacks.


In the evening, we bought our food from Hibiscus Walk which is inside the resort and nearby the tower building.

There were mostly local food at Hibiscus Walk. I am glad the food price there are not too expensive. The local meals cost about RM10 per plate while western food costs a little bit more.


There are many activities in the resort which include indoor, outdoor activities and water sports which you have to pay. However, i feel that at least the bicycles should be available for free.

Archery is probably the cheapest yet interesting activity which my family enjoyed. It costs RM10 for 15 arrows. The archery area is conveniently located very near to the lobby. We make sure we head straight to the archery area right after breakfast.

HM and i played a few times as if we did not get bored with the game at all. We decided to stop playing when our hands and shoulders started to ache.


In conclusion:

  • The staff at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson were friendly.
  • Checking-out was quick as well.
  • By the way, there were no flies problem inside the resort and it seems that the resort has taken appropriate action to resolve the problem.
  • If you just want to relax inside a resort, this is the place for you or if you are a foreign tourist and staying longer, do check out other list of activities available at the Tour Desk.

Overall, we had a pleasant stay at the resort and if there is a chance to visit this resort again, we want to stay at the tower rooms.

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