Ideas to do clothes alterations

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I wanted to reduce the amount of clothes in my wardrobe. I do have a pile of clothes that i need to get rid. They have worn-out and it is time to let go. However, i also have old and new clothes which i still want to wear because they are still in good conditions but with minor issues. Therefore, minor alterations are the best solution.


These clothes have worn-out and many of the colours have faded.


Clothes Alterations

This is what happen when i did impulse purchase on clothing. Oversize sleeves do not look good on me. Luckily, the sleeves had two layers which are stitched together. Underneath is the normal cut sleeves while the oversize sleeves is on the outside. I send the blouse (actually i bought 2 pieces) to the alteration shop. Cost me RM10 for each blouse (it was a non-complicated alterations).

The original style


Back to the ordinary style cutting


This jubah dress with embroidery used to be in the trend. Now, i have decided to get rid of the stitched embroidery. The dress will be blank but i can wear a hanging necklace (which i have none) and also a printed scarf. Luckily, the stitches are not complicated but i decided to sent 3 similar dresses with different colours to the tailor shop to avoid any disaster. Initially, i was using a scissor to pulled out the stitches but it seems like forever to get it done and i might accidentally cut the dress.


This is a skirt that has lost the strength at the waist line. I still admire the cutting and the skirt’s material is still wearable. I asked the tailor if she can sew an elastic band around the waist line. This had cost me RM20.


♥ ♥ ♥


Heyy, if you have the talent, the time and patience, you can just DIY the above!


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