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I am naturally a minimalist person but not an organised person. Since my childhood until adolescent years, i never have many personal stuff. Even as a young adult, i did not have extra money to do shopping. Hence, i have nothing much to organised. In fact, i have to find out what organising and clutters are all about. However, over recent years, i’ve been accumulating many stuff which i ended up not using them.

By having many stuff around me, they have caused my time management to be unproductive. Worst, i am the only person in the house who has to deal with the stuff. Apparently, if i have many clothes and other home products, i get comfortable. I could delay the time to wash them. Then, when i want to do something else like cooking or gardening, i also see something else piling up and need my attention.

My purpose to achieve minimalism lifestyle has a lot of meaning. I did not have the urge to get rid of stuff before, but i do now. I want to have more time to cook, read and MAKE MONEY.

Turning my lifestyle into minimalism is not new to me. It happened before a few times when i was going through transitions in my life. I will naturally minimise stuff around me, which were actually, already minimum. Not everyone does this.

Don’t get confused if i enjoy writing about shopping. Since i am progressing into the minimalism lifestyle, i still need to do shopping to get the right products and later, get rid of the old stuff which don’t help me in my day to day activities. Currently, areas which are involved in my minimalism goals include lifestyle, kitchen and money.

Another issue is that, it seemed my husband rather spend his time on work and networking. Before situation get any worst and i am stuck with stuff, i better change my lifestyle now for the benefits of my family and especially my kids. Anyway, this stuff accumulation activities started after i got married. I think i don’t realised i did that to catch up with other people.

Bottom line, despite the minimalism lifestyle which i am trying to adapt, i also want to have quality products around me and most importantly my own quality time. I envy those very rich people who utilise their money wisely and give benefits to others.

I do have interest in gardening and sewing. These two activities have been interrupted badly due to my current reorganising and getting rid of unused stuff.


Regardless, i feel that minimalism lifestyle is not for everyone and so does heavily-loaded lifestyle. There is nothing wrong to fill up your living space with many furnitures and decorative items. Whether you feel you really need to have those products or you are simply happy to have them around you, it is okey.

On the other side, one could be wondering about why someone else’s house contained very few items and it feels empty. We could also be wondering if the owner don’t have money to buy furnitures at that moment.

Personally, i always feel that, if a house has very few furnitures and yet, overall the house looks neat and tidy, there is something mysterious about the occupant. Where as, a house filled with stuff and yet the owner enjoy maintaining it, reflects his/her colourful life.

The reality is, after many years living with many stuff, i realised i don’t like and i don’t want to spend my time wiping off dust everywhere. People around me suggested me to get someone else to do cleaning. However, i also realised, i am not the kind of person who enjoy having a lot of stuff for myself alone.


For me, minimalist lifestyle does not only involves stuff. It also involves what i do everyday.

One crucial area is the meal preparation. Somehow, i don’t naturally enjoy cooking activities. I feel it is very tedious. I am trying to adapt any non-stress cooking process. More over, there are cleaning works to do after that. To avoid inconsistent cooking preparations, i’ve been cooking from scratch nowadays. So far, this works and there seems to be no food wastage.

The way i minimise problems in the kitchen is by not keeping many food items, be it dry or wet. I don’t even keep ‘stand by’ raw items. For now, i only buy the cooking ingredients when i have decided what i want to eat and i have to make sure that my family will eat whatever i cook. Before, i’ve been wasting a lot of money buying and keeping food items where by i am not even sure of when i will use them.

Again, due to my current reorganising and decluttering lifestyle, i have to buy outside food and do eating out many times. During weekends, if me and my kids are stuck at home and i don’t cook, i will order food through Food Panda service.


Since my childhood years, i understand that minimisation also means money savings.

However, this situation can be tricky because sometimes you have to spend extra money to get the good stuff. One example is, if you need to buy electrical products for your home. Have you experienced washing machine or something else breakdown? For me, i ended up buying the more efficient washing machine which can save time and energy.

Apart from that, i do buy stuff which are reasonably priced.


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In this life, we don’t have to follow what others are buying or even eat fancy food. I will remind myself that whatever stuff other people are buying may not be important to me, seriously. Worst of all, there are people who buy stuff like clothes but don’t even wear them,  ended up trying to resell the products.

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