Holiday at the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast resort, seafood dinner at Pantai Bagan Lalang and shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang

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I was searching on the internet, looking for any interesting hotel or resort not too far from Kuala Lumpur and i was curious about AVANI Sepang Goldcoast resort, a palm tree-shaped resort build over water. After going through the website and reviews, we decided to book a villa for our two nights’ stay.

If you need to unwind, de-stress or run away from the city and don’t want to travel too far from KL, this resort is a good choice. The resort and it’s beach is quite secluded and it took less than two hours drive from the KL city centre.

According to Google’s direction, it is also about 50 minutes from KLIA and 40 minutes from the Sepang F1 Circuit.

Even though the sea water is not blue or transparent like other luxurious resorts, you definitely can find peace here. Well, we did!

Below are my mostly positive reviews and a few minor issues about the resort.

AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort
67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang
Kg Bagan Lalang
43950 Sungai Pelek
Selangor Darul Ehsan


Along the way at the Sungai Pelek area, it is very interesting to see different types of fruit trees and orchards including the dragon fruits orchards. I am also surprised to see, there are still many existence of kampung (village) houses. In fact, you need to drive through the narrow kampung roads to get to the resort.

Also, there seemed to be no pollution or significant dirty spots unlike other areas in Malaysia which are so-called developing. Personally, i am quite impressed with the natural environment in the area considering it is not too far from KLIA and the Sepang F1 Circuit.

Once you reach the Sungai Pelek town, i suggest you stop by and get a few snacks, drinks and water. If you are driving, make sure you fill up the fuel tank before heading to the resort.

Since we drove there, we had to rely on Google maps for navigation. It seemed easy to get lost at the smaller kampung roads.


After dropping our luggages at the lobby, we tried to park our car. However, it was disappointing to find out that the parking spots inside the resort area was already full. The staff told us there are more parking spaces available just outside the resort.

Actually, that was my concern when i was doing some research about the resort. If you have to park your car even just outside the resort area, it is quite an exercise to walk back inside to the lobby.

However, your tiredness might disappear once you feel the ocean breeze.


this is at the security entrance

After we checked-in, we need to take a buggy to go to our villa (notice the picture above). Travelling inside the resort is on foot, free bicycles and buggies. Buggy is the main transportation to your villa and lobby during check-in and check-out and also to/from the lobby to the clubhouse at the centre of the resort.

My advice is, if possible, take your luggages with you after checked-in, otherwise the luggages will be sent at a different time by a different buggy and you will have no idea how long you have to wait for your luggages to reach your room. For us, we had to call the reception a few times for our luggages after we arrive at our villa.

 I saw many buggies at the resort but the management need to prepare many more for visitors especially during peak season. Even the buggies that are available at the clubhouse are not enough and inconsistent. If your room is just a few steps from the lobby and the clubhouse, then there is no issue.


the rooms, villas and a smaller buggy


inside the resort


Being a city person, it is very interesting to experience both the high tide and low tide during our stay. It is also captivating to spot fish and squids during high tide while during low tide, the crabs habitats’ are visible on the sea floor.


All the rooms and villas are over water and we booked a two bedroom villa. What i appreciate the most is, our villa’s balcony is also secluded. I spend many hours there relaxing. Too bad the resort did not provide long benches at the balcony for visitors to lie down.

Our villa feels like a small house. I am quite interested with the layout. In fact, i had an imagination that i have this type of house one day. Just wondering where i should put a small kitchen, fridge and washer inside this ‘house’.

There is also an extra room which functions as an office and it is overlooking the sea. The office also has a large sofa and a small table.


the villa’s office


the villa’s office overlooking the sea floor during low tide

Here, i took a short video about THE VILLA


As a 5-star resort, the breakfast choices are many. They include local and international food.






breakfast area

Somehow, i enjoy staring at the purple sheer curtains at the breakfast area. Of course they look more beautiful outside this photo.


We went to the resort’s beach and good thing the weather was not too sunny. It was during the low tide and we spotted many crabs habitats’. You can also do activities provided by the resort at the beach.


AVANI Sepang Goldcoast beach


baby crab at the beach

It is also easy to spot baby crabs and you might want to be careful not to step on those little crabs. It is their habitats there.

On the second night, i got overreacted about the weather. HM was mentioning about rain and thunderstorm earlier during the day and wonder how it feels like here.

Next time don’t talk about weather at this type of resort. 

What happened was, there was a very loud thunderstorm and strong wind about 3 am that woke me up. It felt like in the movies. I can actually feel the wind coming inside our villa and sweeping to my face. The attap’s (roof) dust came down and there were visible on the white linens on the beds. I thought they were ulat(s). I could not sleep, my kids were sound asleep and HM looked at me but did not care at all.  

Soon, the thunderstorms and wind disappear and i can calmly went back to sleep like nothing happened.

Since we already pay so much for the villa, i skip the spa, the swimming pool, gym and other activities. I was just happy staying inside my villa and enjoy the uninterrupted sea view.


Don’t forget to visit the souvenir shop at the clubhouse. I bought a small bag and postcards.




If you go to resorts like this, you need to be patient waiting for the buggy during checking out. We waited for 45 minutes. Maybe you can try to book earlier. But then, we did not complain because we can still relax while waiting for a buggy. So i continued enjoying my moments at the balcony. It was damn breezy and relaxing. I can just sit there for another hour.

Checking-out suppose to be the simplest procedure. However, at that time there was no one to attend to receive our keycards. The staff were busy with check-ins. I had to stop a walking staff and she was very friendly to attend a few of us who wanted to just give back the keycards.

Despite minor issue, the staff at the resort are very attentive.


If you decided to dine inside the resort, that should not be an issue. There are many restaurants and plenty of food choices. Of course you have to pay a lot more since it is at your convenience.

We did ordered food from our room and i am glad they taste good namely the nasi goreng and kuay teow. During our stay, we had to turn on the tv to order food from the room service menu. How advance! Do keep small change in your wallet because i noticed at places like these, they expect you to pay cash immediately once the food arrive.

If you don’t want to eat inside the resort, there are food stalls and seafood restaurants available just outside the resort. However, if you want to dine at the seafood restaurant, you need to drive there. It is about 5 minutes drive to the areas.

So, despite many restaurants in the resort, we decided to eat at the famous Bagan Lalang beach restaurant. I was just curious and wondering if the restaurant could be overrated. People actually come from KL and other places just to eat here.




We went to this seafood restaurant called HM Sri Bagan.

We ordered everything, fish, crabs, large shrimps, cockles, squids and veggies. The food were delicious. You need to come early or there might be no table and even if there is table, you will have to wait longer for your food to arrive.


On the way back to KL, we stopped by at Mitsui Outlet Park, Sepang. It is about 40 minutes from the resort. This is our second visit to the outlet. The outlet offers mid-range to a few high-end products. Frankly, if you shop everywhere else, you are the right person to judge whether this place offers good price for various products.






I bought a few stuff with good discounts. Don’t forget to buy the mini chocolates at the chocolate shop.


♥ ♥ ♥

Those are only a few main attractions in Sepang, SELANGOR. I don’t mind coming back to the resort and enjoy full dining there.

I am also proud to be half KL and half Selangor person.

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