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Hello readers,

How are you today…………..  My name is FAIZA.  It sounds “faa…..eee…..zaa……”.  Clearly, it is not an english name.  For the future, if you want to leave a comment or quote my name, you can call me …… FAIZZ which sounds, “faa…..ezz…..”.  Like “far east”.

I remember I registered the domain and hosting for this blog some time in February this year.  I purposely use another internet service provider, just to find out which one can provide a better service.  Or at least same, good quality service.  Besides, if I got stuck with any technical issues, I can always get a second opinion.

I am quite very new to blogging.  I started this activity about a year ago with my other blog.  That blog is in another language, Malay.  I really don’t like to mix the english and the malay language in that blog.  Regardless, I did wanted to have two blogs in different languages.  Heyyy……… if it is not english that is widely spoken now, this blog could be written in mandarin or arabic or something else.

The main reason being, I want to have different niche of readers for both blogs.  When I want to write stories about anything, ideas could pop up in different language.  Is there such a thing???  Looks like I have a double life.




That’s all for now……..


Have a good day………….

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