Cooking seafood without the chili

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I don’t think i can stop my kid from not eating chili food at all.  In fact, this past weekend, the whole family was eating chili shrimp dish (sambal udang) with rice.  After what happened to her, she should know how to control her eating habits.  Due to my daughter’s bad coughs previously, i really need to make a new effort in preparing variety of food meals.  Not just for her, but also for the whole family. 

When Dina’s coughing was improving, we did went out during the weekends to eat.  At one time, she ate chicken curry with rice.  At first i thought that was a bad idea.  However, the doctor which we met (please read my previous post) did not mention anything about avoiding curry meals.  I also ordered warm tea for her.

So, there seemed to be no issue after eating the chicken curry.



These days, i have been busy looking through recipe books to look for seafood recipes that don’t include chili as the ingredients.

These are two seafood dishes that i have cooked in one week.  I usually modifies the ingredients i see in any recipes to suit my family needs and taste buds.  I could add 1-2 new ingredients or i don’t include the ingredients i don’t like.


The recipes are grilled shrimps and fried siakap (barramundi/Asian sea bass) fish.  Please check again, the fish translation.

I blended these ingredients together to make the marinades:


red onions, garlic, ginger, fennel (jintan manis), cumin (jintan putih), salt, sugar, a little bit of cooking oil and water.

When i saw the ingredients, i thought, why not i prepare another marinade set for fish as well.  It was not so economical for me to blend just one set of marinade.  The small amount of ingredients were also not sufficient and effective for the blender to work.  By doing this, i can also quickly finish up the ingredients’ stocks from my fridge.

I used just a moderate amount of fennel and cumin because i don’t really like the strong taste in my dish.  Don’t ask me about the proportion of the ingredients.  When i prepared the marinades, i simply match the amount of ingredients according to the number of shrimps and the size of the fish.  Not too little or not too much.  This practice of matching the proportions of ingredients also applies when i cook other dishes as well.

Then, i froze them separately.  It was not my cooking day, yet.  Don’t forget to clean the shrimps and fish properly.


At this time, i was also preparing gravy for other dishes as well.  There you can see other containers right??  My one productive day, i suppose.


This is the marinated shrimps.  I let it rest for 10 minutes before grilling.


Grilling time …….



grilled shrimps


This was my marinated siakap fish.


marinated siakap fish

Ready to be fry.  I did not planned to buy this fish.  It was on price promotion.  It only costs me RM10 per fish.  I remember during lazy times, i would go to one of my favourite restaurant and order this fish meal.  Grilled siakap actually.  Guess how much it costs me???  ……RM30 ++.

On the other hand, i do need the time and a peaceful mind if i want to cook something.  I don’t cook when i’m tired.


♥ ♥ ♥

To my readers, in case you are running out of cooking ideas, do follow these recipes.


Enjoy your cooking ………..

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