Cooking fried noodles (mee hoon) using brown rice vermicelli

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One of my favorite dish is fried noodles (mee hoon).  I used to make this dish from scratch, but after several times cooking it, the taste turned out to be the same.  Not sure how to modify the taste, i decided to tried out the ready-made mee hoon mixtures.

I tried several mee hoon pre-mixtures brands but it seemed the maggi and adabi brands suit me and my family’s taste buds.

Usually, when cooking this dish, i used to buy the normal white color dried noodles.  Occasionally, i bought the ‘wrong’ brand and the dish turned out stale a few hours after cooking.  This is my second time cooking with the brown rice vermicelli.  However, not all supermarkets are selling this stock.

On the other hand, brown rice is already popular, right.  However, it has yet to take over the white rice in my kitchen, which i am still cooking almost everyday.  I did cooked once and i myself don’t feel like eating it.  It doesn’t look appealing to my family yet and the taste is different.

It looked more practical if i want to make it into fried rice.  I am not in the mood yet to cook fried brown rice.  For now, i will spend money on good quality white rice.


Anyhow, I cooked this fried noodles yesterday.


fried brown rice noodles

Actually, i do like the taste and texture.


So, let me share with you my version of the fried brown rice noodles.

These are the ingredients:




♦brown rice vermicelli (u need to soaked in water until tender)
♦2 packets of pre-mix mee hoon ingredients
♦seafood-shrimps and squids
♦white cabbage
♦2 eggs
♦bird’s-eye chilies (optional)
♦some parsley (optional)
♦white pepper
♦cooking oil

The serving you see is for 3-4 people OR for two very hungry people.

Now the cooking instructions:




Pour in a little bit of cooking oil.  Once hot, put in the pre-mix mee hoon saute ingredients and bird’s eye chilies. Saute until well mix.




After that, put in the white cabbage first and stir for about 2 minutes.  Then, add in the seafood. Immediately, add in the already well drained noodles.




Break the two eggs in another bowl.  Stir them quickly and pour onto the dish.

Important: To avoid breaking up the noodles, use two forks to stir the noodles gently.  If you feel the dish is already cooked but not yet balanced, turn off the heat and just stir the dish until everything is well mixed.  Don’t forget to taste.  I only use about two teaspoon of soy sauce to balance the taste.


That’s it…….. ready to eat while it is warm.


So easy, even teenagers can cook this meal.


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