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When my second washing machine broke down, i did not realised it was actually a blessing. I also did not realised that machineries will go through advanced phases in their lives just like smartphone, television, fridge etc.

I had 3 washing machines since i got married. The first two lasted no longer than 5 years. Also, each of those washing machines did went through repairs before i decided to get the new third machine. They went through more than one time repairing sessions. Of course if the repairing cost is not worth the money, then only you should get a brand new washing machine.

My laundry chores used to be a nightmare. The first washing machine was a semi-automatic. Thankfully it broke down. Then only i bought my first fully-automatic washing machine. I was just concerned about the rinsing process. I needed a washing machine that can do rinsing task at least twice. I used this one until it finally broke down to the maximum level.

For the third one, I did not noticed that i actually bought quite a reliable machine until i use it for many months. At the store, i did noticed the “delicate” and “blanket” wash functions on the machine. But, knowing myself, i don’t really have ‘connections’ with machines so those two function buttons were meaningless in my mind.

I bought this type any way due to the many functions buttons’ that MAYBE i can press. It was also the biggest capacity of washing machine i bought so far which is 11 kg.

Before i began to utilised the extra functions it provides, i still sent many items to the laundry shop to be washed such as floor rugs, comforters and even clothes that needed to be hand washed only. This definitely had cost me a lot and they were also heavy to carry around.

Until now, i still need to send the king and queen size comforters to the laundry. Usually, after opening the laundry packages at home, the smell of, probably the softener was too strong.

When i touched those comforters, they felt sticky as well. Either they were not washed properly or they need another round of rinsing. As for the rugs, sometimes they were still stains and musty odor.



With this third washing machine, i can enjoy the followings:


This is especially meant for the delicate type of clothings. At first, i was hesitated to use the delicate wash function. I was worried if my delicate clothes would be crushed. Haha…. Anyhow, i had to give it a try.

So, i just dumped a few not so important delicate clothes. If they were crushed, that’s it. To my huge relief, they turned out to be just fine and of course clean.


I also washed my floor rugs using the machine now. The floor rugs i bought are all washable and i usually bought the normal size and thickness. Remember i had to sent all my floor rugs to the laundry before.

Since the rugs go through the spinning process, they are no longer heavy and i can easily hang them on the clothes hanger.

If you wash the rugs by hand, you will need to soak and brush them, right? However, this type of washing cause the rugs to be very heavy with trapped water in them for you to hang it somewhere. It will take many days for the rugs to get dry. 

So now, i just dumped a few pieces of rugs together and let the machine do its work.


Although the machine can wash blanket, it does not say what type of blanket and the thickness it allows to wash. To be sensible, i washed a single size comforter, and it turned out just fine. Because of this, i was thinking maybe i should just buy single size comforters for everyone in the house and get rid of those thinning queen and king size comforters.


In conclusion, this washing machine has saved me a lot of time and money. So far, the machine’s capacity is good enough for the house. I am not sure if i should get a bigger one if this one gives trouble later, just for the purpose of washing the queen or king size comforters. Moreover, i don’t have a suitable area to hang them after washing.

Of course, we should not ignore the laundry services. If you are too lazy or don’t have the time to do laundry at home, there are laundry shops everywhere. If you want a faster service, just go to the self-laundry shops. Myself, i still need to use the laundry shop service for ironing, tons of ironing.

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