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It was almost the end of the short one week school holiday break. However, the term ‘school holiday’ did not apply because most of the kids including mine had to go to school for a few days during that week to do some practice. If they did not go, there would be backfire.

My kids seemed to be worry too much if they were caught not attending the practice, unless the reason of not attending is too important. Looked like they were successfully brainwashed!

I got so annoyed because the kids had only two days to relax. Many parents had already made plans and arrangements on what to do during the short holiday. Even if there is none, the kids deserve some rest.

Me too, already had plans lined-up and because situation has changed, all my plans had to be altered as well.

One plan that cannot change was the orthodontics appointment. I made that appointment more than a month earlier. The clinic already fixed a date for my eldest’s braces and no way i will change the date. It is not easy to get an orthodontics appointment in KL.

Regardless, my daughter did miss a day of practice. Well, she understood that she had to go to the dentist and she was of course excited about the braces. Even if it was for a regular check-up, i was not interested to reschedule the appointment.

So, braces project done and i was thinking what plans i can attend to next.


♥ ♥ ♥

It was already Saturday and i was feeling hopeless. I achieve nothing on my own personal to-do list. I got totally pissed off with the whole changing situation.

So, the normal activities which the whole family can do is to go out to eat and maybe watch a movie. However, when i looked up at the TGV and GSC movie listing, all the movies which we wanted to watch were only for 18 years old and above.

I thought what a depressing holiday OR…..

maybe it was a blessing since i realised there were a few hours for me to do my own personal activities. If i cannot fulfil all, a few will do.

So after lunch, HM took me to a furniture shop called lorenzo. I already had the idea of going there since Friday. I wanted to browse around for cabinets that can be used in the kitchen area. I have been planning on recreating a kitchen island for months.

Also, i have been visiting a few cabinet shops and guess what all of them tried to get from me? Each wanted me to spend many thousands of ringgit! The quotations which i got also expect me to spend more than RM5000.

You see, this is the problem if you want to redo just a portion of your kitchen cabinet. I have contacted 5 contractors to get quotations for just to do:

a) a kitchen island OR

b) the combination of sink/stove/counter tops cabinet which is just a one line of cabinet.

I was not interested to redo the whole kitchen at all.

After a few meet-ups, finally there was one contractor willing to come to measure the area. I got excited and can’t wait for the whole process to begin. Guess what, again. To my much dissapointment, that person never call back or even to return my call and their contact number was unreachable.

Well, if they are not interested at all due to the low profit margin, at least they should let me know with just one quick phone call instead of me trying to called them 20 times.

Anyhow, i would like to share with you a few tips about doing built-in home cabinets.



Once you got a quotation from a cabinet shop, try look up on the internet just in case the company has good or bad reviews. I did this and it was shocking to find out the ugly truth even for the well-known cabinet shops!


If you have been to ikea or any cabinet shops, i am sure you can feel the quality of materials that they use to installed. You need to clarify this. In my case, a few say they use exactly the same quality, others say the material won’t be as thick like the display units in the shop. So i wonder how thin the materials are.


If you have neighbours/friends/relatives who are currently installing their cabinets, this is the best time to find out on the quality of products and workmanship.

Even if you have a small project, maybe just to do a full wardrobe, try to find out if they are interested to do. They can prepare the cut materials at the same time.

This is what happened when i wanted to install some cabinets at my house. HM went to a friend’s house who is having cabinet installation and from there, we were the next customer.


Most importantly,  if you want to install cabinets, you need to see and feel the materials first.


♥ ♥ ♥

So, since there were many issues in getting any built-in cabinets in my kitchen, i decided to browse around on loose cabinets. The main advantage if you buy loose item is that, you can move it around the house. It is also more convenience if you are renting and later have to move out.


I saw this dining cabinet at lorenzo. I am still thinking how to make use of it. Apparently, the price is more or less the same even if i want to install a built-in. For me it looks different and i do like eclectic themes at home. I learn this styling idea from tv shows. Haha….


Next on the to-do list…..

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