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I don’t usually go to the same hair salon. I normally will go to another hair salon if there was any dispute at the latest shop. So it is actually good and you don’t have to feel guilty to have a list of hair salons.

This is another item in my have to-do list, which is, going to the hair salon. I have been postponing it several times already. I really need to colour the growing amount of my white hairs. (Yaa, laugh…..).

Since this hair activity requires a few hours of commitment now, (hair colouring is very new to me) i did not plan to do it during the ‘not really’ school holidays. I hate to let my kids or anyone wait for me for hours and i also hate waiting for other people for an unreasonable time.

So on Saturday, after i had successfully browsing the cabinets, i still have some free time but not much. Might as well i finish up the unfinished plans so that i can stay at home on Sunday and do other chores. 

Maybe the hairdos were meant to be done on Saturday too, because i actually washed my hair before we decided to go out for lunch that day.

After experiencing several bad incidences at hair salons, i decided to create a new routine especially if i want to get a hair cut and colouring at the same time.

My idea is, if i need to do both, i should do them on separate occasions. Meaning that, i should have a haircut or usually just a hair trimming at one salon and the colouring at another salon.

I wanted to test this idea on Saturday but i did not have plenty of time. But i definitely keep this in mind the next time i need to get my hair done.

The main reason i wanted to do that is because i felt cheated and have been cheated several times. Let me ask you this. Do you realise how long does it take to get a proper hair cut?? From my experience, it is usually 20 minutes to 1/2 hour. The hairdresser will meticulously focus on your hair even for my straight and not so long hair.

So after several sessions of hair cutting and colouring combined, i realised a few of the hairdressers that i have worked with, cut my hair too quickly and the worst part is that i was charged more than RM50. Most of the time they charged me with the standard normal rate for cutting, washing and blowing combined. My hair is straight and i usually maintain it about the shoulder length most of the time.

Well, maybe different people have different opinions but for me, if the salon wants to cut my hair which is straight and not even long and if it is done under 5 minutes (yes, this i got cheated right on my face!!!) the cost should be a lot less.

The salon should not charge the full price for hair cut because it seemed they charged me double for washing and blowing.

So i have learned a new thing.

On Saturday, i had the time to go to only one salon. So i have decided just to color my hair and do trimming at another time in another salon. If i have to pay full price for hair cutting, it better be done properly.

After settling down at the salon, me and the hairdresser discussed what i wanted to do. I mentioned hair colouring and not a word of trimming.


If you look at the piece of paper, this is what i have been doing after getting into disputes when making payments during previous occasions. Before they started to colour my hair, me and the hairdresser have agreed on the cost. 

Not long after, when they were preparing the colour paste, one of the hairdressers asked me if i want to cut my hair. I started to get irritated. 

With a serious face, i asked them how much?? They said RM35. I asked again because i did not believe it and it was not so clear. RM35! Do you think this is reasonable?

As if they can read my mind. If they mention RM50 and above, i definitely will say NO!

Believe it or not, after an impulse decision, i decided to agree. Right now as i am writing this, i am thinking i should have bargained on that price.

So i asked them to write on a piece of paper. On top of this post, it was the second piece of paper that they gave me. The first one was only for colouring. You really should do this and make sure the list is longer if you agree on anything else. They definitely will suggest if you want other treatments and the list will continue.

If there is no written price to whatever treatment that you have agreed to do, don’t you think it is ridiculous for them just to mention any treatment and the price and expect you to agree? Do you think you or the hairdresser can remember every single treatment and especially how much each of them will cost?

If the hairdresser forget what price they charged you, they will look at the list of treatment and prices but don’t expect any discounts. This is how i got cheated many times before. At the end, it is you that have to pay the hefty price.

Along the process, they never fail to suggest to me if i wanted hair treatment, do i want to buy special syampoo, do i want scalp treatment, do i want to put special oil on my hair? We have a special package bla…bla…bla….. If there is no detailed cost written, you will tend to forget how much you have to pay.

For me, by having a written price, it is also a win-win situation for both parties. If the hairdresser ask you nicely and clearly you might agree on something which they try to offer to you.

The RM35 hair cut was a quick one. It was done before colouring and another 5 minutes of final touch up at the end of the session. I should have bargained.

We as the customers want to leave a salon with a happy and very satisfied feeling. If we are not being cheated, we definitely come back for their services and even recommend the salon to our friends and families.

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