Allergic to chili food and ice

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A few weeks ago, my teenage daughter had a very bad cough.  I don’t even remember when was the last time she coughed very badly.  When the cough was still trapped inside her body for almost a week, it started to bother the whole family.  It was time to go to the doctor.  Surprisingly, only my daughter who was suffering from the cough in the house.  Okey……., so it was not a contagious type.

So, we went to our reliable clinic and met up with the same doctor which had treated the whole family during any previous appointments.  During this latest consultation, and despite my already rising high level of anxiety and wonders (as a mom) about my daughter’s coughing, the female doctor calmly come into conclusion that …….. “ooohhh the weather is not so friendly nowadays”……… “That could be the main cause for the coughing”.  Then she elaborated a little bit about the current unhealthy weather condition.  As a patient’s mom, i quickly agreed with the doctor’s opinion.

Around that time, due to lacked of rain, the heat from the sun was very strong.  It was not a good idea for kids to have activities outside classrooms.  Even myself, i would stayed indoor and i tried to avoid unnecessary outings during the extra hot weather.

Then, at the end of the consultation, the doctor prescribed just a few types (looked like generic pills) for her to swallow.  There were no antibiotic or other stronger medicine.  The doctor reminded her to come back if there was no improvement after three days.

So, bottom line, blame the weather.

Actually, if living in a tropical climate area, it is too common for people to blame on the weather whenever your body doesn’t feel fit enough.  Doesn’t matter if you are suffering from flu, cough, tiredness, sleepiness, laziness, exhaustion, fatigued, disoriented ……….etc.

Just blame the weather.



After three days swallowing the pills, the cough did improved only a little.  Then came the runny nose.  My worries and anxieties came back as well.

So, as the doctor has reminded us, we went to the same clinic for the second time.



Only after our second visit to the doctor, the cause of my daughter’s coughing was unfolded.  After this incident, whenever any of my family members or even myself coughing continuously for days, it should be the time to do some diagnosis.

From my basic point of view, coughing could be caused by pollution or we can suffer from cough due to the bacteria that flew to our body from other people who are sick and coughing.



We met with a different female doctor during the second visit.  After doing some diagnosis to my daughter, we totally did not expect and felt loss with her explanation.

To our surprise, my daughter’s bad coughing was to be blamed on chili food and ice.

Really??  Seriously??  I never heard anyone in my family or my husband’s family having this type of food allergy.  Ice i can accept, but chili food??  Chili food are one type of food that i grew up with.

At first, i was very doubtful with the doctor’s explanation.  At the beginning when my daughter started coughing, i really thought the coughing was caused by some other sick human being.  I also always felt that she suffers from stress.  Stress about school work and activities.



 coconut rice (nasi lemak)

Well, too bad Dina, you really need to limit eating this delicious and yummy nasi lemak (coconut rice) with lots of sambal (thick chili gravy) for now or forever.

I think by now, i have to be very concern about what my kids eat and drink since they are growing up and started to experiment different kinds of food.  Well, what ever reasons that the doctor has explained were quite surprising to me.  However, they might be nothing new to some people, i suppose.

Not only that, the doctor also advised her not to eat certain types of fruits until the cough showed some improvement.  She mentioned apples, grapes, and oranges (look like imported fruits) and any other fruits that need to be refrigerated.






Ok…….., so for now, i often bought bananas.  Easy job.



As for the ice, from now onward, i will constantly remind her not to take ice or cold drinks right after any intensive physical activities.  Drink plain water first and let the body relax.  Now, i also often discourage her from eating lots of chili food.

During the healing process, my daughter had to drink lots of warm tea, as reminded by the second doctor.



Okey, i hope all the information will benefit us ………..

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