All natural ingredients for siakap fish soup

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It has been quite a while since the last time i cooked any fish soup. I am more comfortable of making chicken soup than fish soup. I always have less confidence to cook fish soup. On previous occasions, the fish soup did not taste that good and there were unfavourable smells.

This time, i got the right technique. The best part was, i made the fish soup by using all natural ingredients. Previously, i used to make soup meals using the ready-to-cook packed spices. Those spices worked better when i cook chicken soups.

This fish soup meal is made for 3-4 people. I bought 2 medium size siakap fish. To save time, i got them cut at the supermarket.


fishsiakapsiakap fish

The first, most important thing to do to avoid any uncomfortable smell when cooking this fish or any type of fish is, you need to wash the fish properly with lime or lemon.



These are the natural ingredients i used.

You need:
3-4 stalks of parsley leaves, carrots, cherry tomatoes, some chilli(any type), red onion(slice), garlic(slice), black pepper and ginger.

Don’t forget 600ml-700ml of plain water and some cooking oil (optional).

Here is the trick. The ginger is the compulsory ingredient to help get rid of the unwanted smelly smell from the fish in the gravy. You need to cut the ginger into thumb size. Cut at least 2-3 pieces and later just leave them in the soup.

For this meal, it is up to you whether you want to use a little bit of cooking oil or no oil at all. As for me, i used about 3-4 tablespoon at the beginning.

supgravysiakap fish soup in a pot


The cooking process:

1. In a pot, pour in the cooking oil to saute the red onions and garlic.

2. Stir gently until the nice aroma come out.

3. Then, pour in 600ml -700ml of plain water.

4. Add in the carrots, chilli, ginger, parsley leaves and cherry tomatoes.

5. Stir everything gently.

6. Add in the salt, sugar and black pepper. Season well and taste. I always make sure i am satisfied with the soup taste before adding in the fish.

7. Lastly, add in the fish and let them cook until tender.


Due to the excellent taste and no smelly smell, I cook the fish soup one week after another. The tip on adding the thumb size gingers worked well!

You can enjoy this siakap fish soup with warm rice.

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