A short escape to Putrajaya

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We went for a short vacation to Putrajaya during the christmas holiday. The intentions were to see, enjoy Putrajaya, relaxing at a hotel and probably do some shopping. For those who have never been to Putrajaya, there are many attractions and outdoor activities for everyone.

Myself and HM used to bring our kids here when they were little. We encouraged them to run around and play bicycle at the open area near the Putra Mosque. We took them to the various parks as well.


We chose The Everly Putrajaya because it is located side by side to Alamanda shopping mall. It would be very easy to get food as well. Even though the hotel is not adjoined to the mall, it is very convenience to walk there from the hotel.

Other interesting hotels and malls adjoined that we had been to were Boulevard Hotel at mid valley shopping mall and Sunway Hotels at Sunway Pyramid. Those areas are more busy and noisy. As for me, i wanted to experience other places and feel the different surroundings.

We reached the hotel around check-in time and to my surprise, there was quite a long queue. I saw many locals came here as well. Mmmm….. looked like we had the same ideas and agendas for coming to this area.

This is the walkway to Alamanda shopping centre just besides the hotel.

toalamHCL toalammHCL

There was a signboard with direction to the mall and you just need 2-3 minutes walk from the hotel to reach the mall.

I was not too crazy to shop during the year end, so the hotel and the mall were the ideal location for me. You know what, sometimes i do price check to find out if an item is really have been discounted as compared to during non-sale season.


During check-in, we had rooms issue which was not a big deal. However, because of that, we missed two large connecting rooms. We had to switched to smaller rooms but we still enjoyed the lake view.

The rooms that we missed had living room with sofa and a microwave in the pantry. It was probably our fault too since we arrived and check-in a little bit late. Nevertheless, we were satisfied with the rooms’ size.

pantryHCLThis is the pantry area with washing facility so there is no need to take water from the toilet to boil water.

studyHCLThis is the middle area in the room. There is a space for study table besides the wardrobe and behind the beautiful divider.

katilHCLThis is the king size bed which i felt can fit in three adults.

Unfortunately, when we came, my daughter was not feeling so well. So never mind, she took some medications and stayed on bed while me and HM took turns to go out. It was raining during one of our stay, so there was no point going out and drive around. Luckily, there is a mall.

Our room package also include happy hours at the executive lounge.

loungeHCL some food and beverages in the executive lounge

Even though the lounge area is not large, the hotel served cute little foods, hot and cold beverages. I told HM that we should go up on time so that i can eat the food that i want since there were not so many choices.


I like the dining area. It has lake view. However, during breakfast, it was a bit crowded.

diningHCLdining hall at The Everly Putrajaya

For a 4-star rating’s hotel like this, the breakfast spread was quite satisfactory. They have dedicated stations for nasi lemak, noodles and indian food. Despite the heavy crowd during breakfast, the kitchen staff did not take a long time to replenished the food.

bfastHCLmy food during breakfast

Due to our rooms issue earlier, the hotel management was kind enough to treat us dinner for a night. We chose these meals, local and western.

nasigHCLfried rice

kueytHCLfried kuay teow

spaggHCLspaghetti bolognese

The food were actually good and we had another session of dining in the dining hall but of course on our own expenses. The food prices were reasonable.

At one time during our stay-on-bed session, we wanted to order food from room service. Surprisingly, the hotel did not offer the service. Perhaps in the future. Luckily, there is the mall.


Although it seemed like we lost some time due to my daughter’s slight fever and the rain, THE TRUTH WAS, those excuses were irrelevant because i was lazy to go out to the parks anyway or to enjoy other outdoor activites. I rather go to the malls despite i mentioned that i was not crazy about the year end shopping.

Besides Alamanda, we also went to IOI City Mall which is just 10 minutes away from the hotel. IOI City Mall has many more shops and you need to spend a few hours there.

If the two malls are not enough for you, there is Mitsui Outlet Park near KLIA which took about 30 minutes from the hotel. I just went there last October and bought kitchen knives, a cooking pot and bedsheets.

Despite many clothing shops at IOI City Mall, i only bought one piece of blouse. Huhh….. I was not into clothes shopping during the short vacation.


However, these juices i had to buy. This is actually my second time coming to IOI City Mall and also my second time i bought these juices.


I also bought these products from the face shop. The aloe-based product which says 99% on the labels is my new favourite item now. Since i was there already, might as well just buy. It was the year end sale everywhere, anyway.

Although we did not enjoy the outdoor activities, no worries, i can still enjoy Putrajaya’s environment. I suggested to HM why not go for sightseeing.

You know what, there were so many people especially at the tourists’ spots.

You see, another reason why we were a bit lazy to do the outdoor activities was because it was too crowded at the tourists’ spots especially at the surrounding area of Putra Mosque and the cruise area as well. Moreover, that time was during public and school holidays. 

However, we did stop around the Putra Mosque to take some photos. These are among the iconic buildings in Putrajaya.



After a quick stop here, we decided to drive around Putrajaya. We passed by the cruise area near the bridge and headed towards the government buildings’ main roads.

Due to the public and year end holidays, there were not many cars on the roads. So it was really relaxing just by driving along the government buildings.

jalanp1HCLjalanp2HCLjalanp3HCLLove these surrounding areas. Then, we drove straight towards the convention centre.

bridgepiccHCLbeautiful bridge to the dam area

damHCLdam near the convention centre

Above is the bridge towards putrajaya convention centre and below is the famous dam near the convention centre. Many parents took their kids to the park near the dam to ride bicycles or to have picnics. The weather was nice and breezy that day.


mexbrHCLanother beautiful bridge to enter MEX

If you are from Kuala Lumpur and want to save time, Putrajaya is accessible via MEX (Maju Expressway). We used MEX to and from. It was quite an experience driving on this expressway. I don’t remember how much toll we had to pay on the way to Putrajaya.

On the way back, we paid the toll twice. The first one cost RM2.50 and the second one cost RM3. Please check for any latest increase.


We need to come back for the cruise!!!

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