2018 GOALS, the basics

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Happy New Year 2018……


This year, i will continue with my on-going minimalism goal, which is, reducing stuff in my house. The other on-going goal is to be always frugal. The way i see it, being frugal is not just when you have less money to spend, but it is also practical when you have that extra money.

Now, consumer products prices’ have increase a lot and even if you haveĀ that extra money to buy your necessities, it is depressing. The value of money has dropped. I try to avoid buying items at normal prices for toiletries and home care products (detergent, soap etc).

On another issue, after my washing machine has broken incident, i have been doing my laundry at the self-service laundrette. I really forgot how useful thisĀ is. Saved me a lot of time now. I don’t have clothes to fold for days.


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